What's a Baby Shower Without Snacks?! #ITMBBabyShower

Seriously, what's a good baby shower without snacks?  Whenever I think of a baby shower I think of fruit and vegetable trays.  Maybe some small sandwiches and always chocolate on the tables.
A fun twist would be Fondue for the fruit and vegetables.  
Velata is a new company started by some Scentsy people with a love for Chocolate.  They use the same light bulb melting system as Scentsy but with a silicone dish for the chocolate to melt in.  The chocolate is fine Belgium chocolate.

The warmers are cute and simple.

April 1st they will start selling cheese.
I am holding a Velata online party in correlation with my Bloggy Baby Shower event.  Because baby showers are more fun with food!  Visit the Velata site HERE.  Be sure to join the party titled "Eliza's Online Baby Shower".  All items are currently 10% off.  And remember if you are wanting to try the cheese that will start April 1st.  My party is running until April 5th.

Hope you enjoy some yummy snacks!  Let me know what you think!


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