Interview with Some Vampires. AKA: Round Table Discussion with the Irish Coven of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

Today I was able to meet and attend a round table discussion with, Lisa Howard (Siobhan), Patrick Brennan (Liam), and Marlane Barnes (Maggie), the Irish Coven from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

"The coven was first established in the early 1650s, when newborn Liam met Siobhan, and they became a couple. A new member was added to their coven when they stumbled across a young girl in 1847, who was starving to death due to the Great Famine that affected her village. She could tell right away that they weren't humans, which intrigued Siobhan to the point that she decided to change her, as she had always been curious about people who could develop a special talent as vampires and believed she had stumbled across one. Liam did not like the idea, because he didn't want to share her attention with anyone else. Siobhan persuaded him to agree, reluctantly. It didn't take long before Liam started to enjoy Maggie's company, and they both treated her with honesty and fondness.
The coven stumbled across Carlisle Cullen and his family sometime later and they became good friends. Carlisle also suspects that Siobhan may have a gift of her own without realizing it.
The coven travels to Forks when the Cullen family asked them for help, or to help testify against the Volturi in Breaking Dawn about their youngest member, Renesmee Cullen, being a vampire-human hybrid. Maggie determined that the Cullens told the truth, and therefore they believed their story even before Renesmee touched them to show them the story through her power.
After the nomadic vampire Alistair fled in fear of the Volturi, Maggie declares that she will stay and help the Cullens deliver the truth, saying that she can't ignore it. Siobhan does not want the situation to turn into a fight, and Carlisle talks her into trying to wish for a peaceful confrontation. Siobhan then tries to visualize their trial ending as peacefully as possible, which goes almost exactly as she wishes. After the Volturi leave in peace, the Irish return to Ireland, with Siobhan starting to believe in her power."

They were really wonderful people to speak with.  It was my first time doing one of these so I was actually pretty quite and listened as others asked questions and chimed in, myself, only a few times.

There were so many awesome things asked this afternoon.  The discussion went from things in Breaking Dawn Pt 2 to other projects they had worked on.  So I picked out my favorites that I thought you guys would be most interested in.  
I love how they still look and act like they're a little family of sorts.

When asked what they were looking forward to seeing in the final production as far as CGI and special effects went the answer was pretty unanimously the wolves.  Turns out during filming they were made to stand next to cardboard cut outs of wolves that were moved around by props people. 
They all agreed filming was fun but took a long time.  It's not like on a stage or even lower budgeted project where you have to get it right the first time.
There were so many things shot that didn't end up in the movie.

Marlane said it was surreal to find out that she was cast for a part in the Twilight movie.  Even to get the audition was pretty awesome.
Lisa has been a big fan of the books and excited that she got asked to audition for the part.  She sounded like she was even more excited to get the call that she had the part. 
Patrick literally fell on the floor when he got the call that he got the part.  He said one minute he was going to apply for a job delivering pizzas and the next he was flying to Baton Rouge and filming a scene with Taylor Lautner.

They were then asked how long it took to get into costume and make up.  
Patrick said it was really quick for him.  All he had to do was get dressed and have them make his skin alittle more pale.
It took both of the girls much longer.  Lisa said 2 hours at least.  She had a long red wig that had to be applied.  They would slick her hair back and snugly fit the wig onto her head.  Then glue the lace and cover it with make up.  She said the wig alone took an hour to do.  Then an hour for costume.
Listening to Marlane recall her hair rituals was quite fun.  They had to curl all of her hair with an inch wide barrel and smooth every single piece into place so it looked like that perfect Vampire hair.  Every bit of her hair in the movie was her own.  She had a deal worked out with the stylist because she didn't want to heat style her hair every day and kill it.  Some days the stylist would just go over the curls with pomade.  Marlena would wear a silk thing over her hair to bed.  She managed to go 4 days without washing her hair.  She said, "by the 4th day I was like, 'I kinda smell like something familiar, but I can't think of what I smell like...' And then I realized, 'I smell like a Golden Retriever! I smell like my dog from childhood!'"  It was great.
They all agreed the contacts to make their eyes red were painful.  They caused a tunnel vision effect as well as making everything blurry and difficult to see.  They didn't know how any of the "Cullens" wore the contacts the whole series.

Finally they were asked what Vampire abliities would they choose.
Lisa said she would like to have Siobhan's power to will a situation to be what she wanted.
Marlena said, "I used to think I'd want Maggie's power but sometimes it's nice to be lied to."
Patrick didn't chime in.
Oh, and I was excited that Patrick is taller than me and Lisa is pretty much the same height.  I had always been told actors are short.  Not these ones!  I realize some of you may not understand my excitement.  But coming from a ridiculously tall family(brothers both 6'10" or taller) and being 5'11" has its drawbacks, and your dreams get crushed sometimes.

So it turns out it's not as easy and elegant to be a Vampire as it looks.  They said there are lots of fun things on the special features of the Bluray and DVD that comes out tonight. 
·         “Forever: Filming Breaking Dawn Part 2” – Seven-part “making of” documentary
o    Chapter 1: “Rebirth”
o    Chapter 2: “Renesmee”
o    Chapter 3: “The Cottage”
o    Chapter 4: “The Gathering”
o    Chapter 5: “The Field”
o    Chapter 6: “The Battle”
o    Chapter 7: “Forever”

·         “Two Movies at Once” featurette
·         “The Forgotten” Green Day music video
·         “Jump to” features
·         Audio commentary with director Bill Condon

This was definitely a fun experience for me and I look forward to bringing you more things like this in the future.


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