Bamboobies Nursing Pads - #ITMBBabyShower

I just recently learned about Bamboobies.  They are nursing pads made out of cotton, bamboo velour, hemp, and a water proof layer.
I'm sure you've heard that about about a hundred different kinds of reusable nursing pads.  The thing that makes these nursing pads unique is they are so stinkin thin and they have a cute heart shape.  The thinness actually causes customers to not realize they have received them in the mail.  Bamboobies shared a customer's story on their Facebook page just the other day of how she didn't know she had received her order.
I mean, look at that!  There's no way you'd ever think there were 3 layers of fabric there.  Let alone think they'd hold any kind of leakage.
Now I haven't had the chance to try them as a nursing pad myself yet.  But I did pour water on them.  They do hold quite a bit.  I would confidently wear these while nursing in public and not worry about having any wet spots.
They work by having a soft layer of cotton and bamboo velour that wicks the wetness away with a layer of absobent cotton and hemp layer in the middle.  Then there is a Milk-Proof outer layer to keep your clothes dry.

The over night pads aren't much different.  They are alittle thicker.  But that's expected from an over night pad.  Their overnight pads are actually the same thickness as the regular use pads I've used in the past.

Bamboobies have a unique heart shape to them.  You can wear it right side up or upside down, depending on what you need.  With the heart shape it allows the pad to be more discreet.  I don't know about you but there are some reuseable and even disposable pads I've used in the past that you can definitely see through my shirt.
Bamboobies are super easy to care for.  Just wash them with your regular laundry with no fabric softeners.  The fabric softener will put a layer on the velour that will cause it to repel liquids.  So you don't want to do that!

Not only can you buy Bamboobies online but you can also get them at Babies R Us!  If you enjoy Bamboobies and the convenience of being able to get them at Babies R Us please make sure you buy them there.  That way they will stay in the stores!

Bamboobies is providing a $25 gift certificate to their online store for the big giveaway in a few days.  Be sure to go like them on Facebook to get ahead on entering.


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