Look at the Fun We Had! Plus a Giveaway!!!

This has been one busy week for us and it's not slowin down.  It started out with a day of fun at the St. Louis Science Center.  We haven't been to the Science Center in 2 years.  And I'm sure Madelynn didn't remember we even went before.
We were invited to play in the Discovery Room and check out the rest of what the Science Center has to offer.  
We got there alittle earlier than the Discovery Room opened so we walked around.  I was actually skeptical of going to the Science Center because of all of the sickness that's been going around this winter.  I was so happy to see GermX placed all around the building at a child's height.
The things that make a mom happy.  Madelynn asked me why I needed to take a picture of the sanitizer. 

We made our way to the lobby and the large moving dinosaurs.  The T-Rex and Triceratops have been there since I was like 3.  My dad insists my youngest brother and I were terrified of them and screamed when we saw them.  My girls didn't scream thankfully.  Madelynn though didn't like that "the big dinosaur killed the little dinosaur" or that he "roars and moves his head around" at first.  She did warm up to him alittle I guess.  She asked if we could see them one more time before we left.
Hayleigh absolutely loves the Energizer ball exhibit in the lobby.  We sat there for at least 15 minutes watching the balls go around with her saying "ball! ball! ball!".  It was cute.
I remember enjoying this as a kid as well.

I had never heard of the Discovery Room at the Science Center before.  So I really didn't know what we were in for.  Turns out it's a very educational room full of SO MUCH for kids 7 and under.  There is definitely something there for every type of child.  
Hayleigh was BEYOND delighted to find the ball pits after just watching the balls go around for 15 minutes.
Madelynn quickly found the doll house and magnetic dress up dolls and spent most of her time there.
I did manage to talk both of them into exploring the Native American area.  Madelynn loved that they had a "Pocahontas" House.  Hayleigh just liked that she found something to climb.
I ended up chasing them around the rest of the room and wasn't able to take many pictures.  But they had lots of other cool areas.  There was a car track, a train area, a music station, a fish tank, a reading area, a doctor area, and other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting.  All of it was educational.

The Discovery Room is $3.50 per person per 45 minute session.  If you plan to go more than once a year with your family I would suggest getting a Family and Friends Membership.  It's only $85.  It gets you 10 Omnimax tickets for the year, 6 parking passes for the year, 6 Free Planetarium tickets per visit, 6 Free Discovery Room tickets per visit, 6 Free Lego Mindstorms tickets per visit, and more.

After our Discovery Room session was over we sanitized and headed out for more exploring.  
Madelynn helped me build an arch.  It was great number review.  She also loved knocking it down.
She was alittle afraid of the bridge.  I had to coax her onto the window with me at first.  Then I managed to get her to stand on it for a picture.  But she wasn't on it for long.  Hayleigh however loved looking down the windows to the road.  
The space side didn't interest either girl a whole lot.  I think mostly because it's alot of reading.  I always love going over there because my Grandpa worked at Boeing when the Mercury space shuttle was built so he got to help make parts for it and build it.

Madelynn did keep asking to go see an Omnimax movie.  We didn't see one this visit but we will be back very soon to see Flight of the Butterflies.  It looks really neat.  They event have an educational guide on the site.  That means you can turn it into a whole school lesson!  I know you homeschool mommas have got to be alittle excited about it.

If you did get excited, and even if you didn't, I am giving 2 families a chance to win 4 tickets to see Flight of the Butterflies at the Omnimax at the St. Louis Science Center.  To enter just fill out the form below.



  1. We love the science center, the kids love the giant dinosaurs!

  2. My favorite thing at the St. Louis Science Center is the same as Hayleigh's, I could watch those balls forever. THANX, Krista Carver

  3. I have been there as a kid on field trips but I haven't been there in a long time. I would love to take my Little Man there for the first time! My favorite thing I used to do was to watch the big T Rex!

  4. The last time I went to the Science Center was when I was in high school. Let's just say that that was a really long time ago. Now that I have my own family I would love to take my son for his first visit. I never visited the Discovery Room when I was there but it sounds like a place where my son Tristan, who has Downs Syndrome, could do a lot of exploring and learning at his own pace. I would love to win this giveaway!


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