The Perfect Eggs for your Biscuits!

I have been meaning to post this for quite a while now.  I have figured out how to make your eggs perfectly round to place them on a biscuit.  I hate it when the egg is all over the place or ends up stacked several inches high in some spots and barely there in others when I make an egg sandwich on a biscuit.  It's also hard for small hands to hold a sloppy biscuit.  So I HAD to come up with a solution.
One morning while putting dishes away before making breakfast I pulled the jar ring out of the dishwasher and it hit me.  I can use a jar ring to make a perfectly round egg!!!  I had to test it out and it worked!

First, you place your jar lid on your pan or griddle so that it heats up.  While it's heating up break your eggs into a bowl and beat them, unless you like whole yolks.  After the pan and ring are hot pour your egg into the ring.  I found that you have to hold the ring down with a fork or spatula or the egg can run out the bottom. 

Now comes the slightly difficult part.  After the egg is completely cooked on 1 side you have to flip it so that it will finish cooking on the other.  You flip the whole egg and ring together.  Try not to throw egg everywhere.  After it's flipped press down on the egg to make sure the other side comes in contact with the pan.

Once your egg is completely cooked take it off the griddle or pan and let it cool for a minute so that the ring isn't to terribly hot to handle.  

Then take your egg out of the ring and place it on the biscuit!  

As you can see some egg stuck to my ring.  I'd suggest spraying it with cooking spray or rubbing it down with butter before heating it up.

Now go enjoy yourself an egg biscuit with a perfectly round egg.


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