My Goals: Week 3 Update

If you're new you can see my goals for the year and my updates HERE.

Being a "yes" mom.
I think I'm getting the hand of this.  I think Madelynn and I are both much happier and she is listening better.  If you haven't already check out my plans for this next week.

Loose 100lbs
This is going GREAT! I slowed down on the weight loss.  That was expected.  I lost 5lbs a week the first 2 weeks.  You're not really supposed to do that.  This week I lost 3lbs.  That puts me at 13.4lbs lost and 86.6lbs to go!  That's not bad!  Actually it's pretty great! I'm already where I expected to be around February 13th.  This week I did eat some unhealthy things like a frozen burrito, homemade fried onion rings, pizza, and chips and queso dip.  But on the flip side of that I resisted eating fast food 3 times in one day!  I was way proud of myself.  Fast food is my weakness.  I crave it more than ice cream or chocolate.  But the three times I was put in the situation where I could get some that day I didn't even want it.
I didn't get to actually start the C25K like I wanted to.  I got to do the first day and then the rest of the week it was WAY to cold.  I'm just gonna stick with the 30 Day Shred as long as my neighbors aren't home while the girls are napping.  We live in an upstairs apartment and the neighbors bang on the floor when I'm doing jumping jacks or butt kicks.

How are you doing with your goals?


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