Carbonite - Protect files and precious pictures from dissapering

This post brought to you by Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.

The week after my daughter's first birthday I uploaded all of the picture of the party to my laptop.  I shut down my laptop and went to make lunch.  I came back later that afternoon while my daughter was napping to order prints and save the picture to my external hard drive.  My laptop wouldn't start back up.  I charged it and it still wouldn't start.  I panicked!  All of the pictures of my little girl's special day were gone!  I didn't know what to do.  I knew other people had taken pictures that night but not nearly as many as I had.

If I had had Carbonite on my computer that never would have happened.  My pictures would have been backed up automatically.  I never would have lost those memories.  Not to mention all of the other files I had on my laptop.  I had contact info for businesses I was doing reviews for and all of my to do lists on there.

Carbonite is a computer backup system that works automatically and continually in the background of your computer, backing up files whenever it is connected to the internet.  Carbonite backs up documents, pictures, music, and email.  Once you have used Carbonite's online backup system you can access your files form any internet connected device.  Carbonite offers free mobile apps on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Android, or Blackberry Smartphone allowing you to share your files.

You can purchase Carbonite for your PC or Mac at $59 a year.  You can try Carbonite for free for 15 days, no credit card required.  If you choose to buy after your 15 days are up you can receive 2 months free by using the code 'BLOGAD' when purchasing.

Carbonite Online Backup

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LaserPegs Mini Monster Bug

LaserPegs are a unique kid's toy.  They're little blocks and pegs that are connected together to create a monster, car, sword, and many other things.  The thing that makes the pegs and blocks different from most others is that when you are done creating you hook it up to the stand and light them up.
Madelynn and I had fun building the Mini Monster Bug.  She kept calling it a robot the whole time. The pieces are really easy to put together.  The directions aren't so easy though.  I was really confused at first on how to put it together to make the bug.  After looking at the paper for a few minutes I figured it out though.  It's made for 7 year olds.  I don't know how easy they would be able to put it together by themselves with just the pictures they show.  The pieces seemed to be made really well but one of our connectors fell out.  I was able to put it back in but I don't know if you'd want your kid messing with that by themselves.

Madelynn was amazed when we lit up our bug.  It is really cool.  I was sad that one of our round pegs had a short in it.  It would work sometimes and not others.  Also, some of the pegs flash and others don't.  I don't know how you control that or if they're supposed to flash or not.

Even with its problems it's really fun to play with.  Madelynn asks me every day if we can build the robot again.  Her favorite part is definitely pressing the button to light up the bug.  She likes to make it have a strobe effect.

I was provided with the LaserPeg Mini Monster Bug to review.  I was in no other way compensated for this review.  These opinions are 100% mine.


Sprint Total Equipment Protection App

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)

Sprint is now offering their Total Equipment Protection customers the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App available on Android, Blackberry, and select feature phones.  The app allows you to find your phone, if your 2 year old happens to hide it, with an alarm.  It allows you to track your phone through GPS if it happens to get stolen, or if you happen to leave it at the grocery store but you just don't remember which one.  You can back up your contacts with the app.  Then in the event that your phone did get stolen you will be able to retrieve all of your "lost" contacts as well as wipe your lost phone so that the thief doesn't get ahold of your information.  As for the grocery store scenario you will be able to just lock your phone so that no one could access your important information.  The great thing about the app is it's completely free if you're already enrolled in the Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan.

For Sprint customers that don't have the Total Equipment Protection Plan and you are outside of the first 30 days of your contract you are in luck.  Sprint is now holding an Open Enrollment from August 1-30, 2011 allowing you to add the feature for $8 a month.  The Total Equipment Protection Plan in addition to the  Sprint Total Equipment Protection App provides Sprint customers with a fast and convenient way to get a replacement phone if yours does get lost, damaged, stolen, or malfunctions after your warranty expires.  But you ONLY have until August 30th if you are past the first 30 days of your contract.  To learn more visit www.tepenroll.com.

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TracFone a More Affordable Way to Stay in Touch

This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever received a cell phone bill in the mail and dreaded opening it?  Have you ever went to get a cell phone plan to find out that you have to pay $60 or more to activate it or you can't even get it because your credit isn't good enough? Have you ever signed a phone contract only to loose your job or get a pay cut a few months later causing you to not be able to pay the bill?  Well real TracFone customers are here to tell you with TracFone there are no contracts, no activation charges, no credit checks, and no cancelation fees.  TracFone has great nationwide coverage with excellent reception.  

<iframe width="420" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/IfaTThtBbjU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

TracFone's pay as you go cards are in thousands of stores nation wide or you can go online.  Purchase options range from $9.99 for 50 minutes to less than $30 for 200 minutes.  There is also a 1 year service card.  With the 1 year service card you receive double minutes for the lifetime of your TracFone along with 800 minutes for only $119.  The "Double minutes for the lifetime of your phone" is a feature that you can purchase seperately for only $19.99.  Some phones come with the feature.  

TracFone is the only wireless provider that allows you to call over 60 International destinations at no additional charge.  There is also an International Neighbor Program that allows you to provide your loved ones in Mexico or Canada with a local to them number to call your TracFone in the United States.

I know when I used to think of TracFones I thought of those brick Nokia phones that everyone had back in 2003 or so.  But the truth is TracFone has may different options from the basic "Candy Bar" style phone to smartphones.  You would think with the broad phone options there would be an equally broad price range.  The truth is, you can get the simple phone for basic needs like calling and texting for $10.  Then there are phones with so many features like camera/video recorders, web access, app capabilities, mp3 players, and full QWERTY keyboards for only $29.99.

With TracFone there is truly a phone for everyone at a very affordable price. Don't believe me? Check out what other real TracFone customers have to say.

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What do you feed your Toddler for Breakfast?

On a normal day our breakfasts are usually things like toast with cinnamon & sugar, muffins, an egg sandwich, ceral, yogurt, scrambled eggs, or pancakes.  Those are always served with some kind of fruit and milk.  It's healthy and fills Madelynn up.  Except for cereal.  She always needs a snack half way to lunch when she eats cereal.
On our more extravagant days though, we have things like blue eggs.  I'm not talking about eggs from those American chickens that can lay eggs with all sorts of different shell colors.  I'm talking about scrambled eggs with blue food coloring in them.  It's such a simple thing to make.  But to a toddler it's one of the coolest breakfasts ever!

Madelynn loves picking the color of her eggs.  I just ask her, "What kind of eggs do you want for breakfast?".  She usually thinks for alittle bit and then picks a color.  Most of the time it's purple or pink.  But this week she decided on blue.

Just alittle mommy to mommy advice. If you do decide to make colored eggs.  They do come out the same color they went in.  And it will turn the toilet water that color too.  And your toddler will think it's the coolest thing ever that they have blue poop.


CCB Custom Dresses Review

CCB Custom Dresses is an online custom dress shop run by Cassaundra Bourne located in Georgia.  Cassaundra is has been a fashion designer working in the business for over 20 years.  Her goal with CCB 
Custom Dresses was to be able to give women custom made, stylish, and affordable dresses.

As a plus sized woman it is very hard for me to find a dress that fits me right all over.  It has also been hard for me to find a dress that is flattering for my body type.  I'm not really up on alot of fashion so I don't know the dos and don'ts of it all.  On CCB's website they have a "Dress Right for Your Body Type" guide.  The guide outlines the five most common body types.  You are able to determine your body type and select the perfect dress for you. My body type is a mixture of a Pear/Triangle and an Hour Glass Shape.

After you find out the type of dress that best flatters your body type there are 7 different dress categories.  A-line Dresses, Sheath Dresses, Empire Waist Dresses, Wrap Dresses, A-line Cocktail Dresses, and Sheath Cocktail Dresses.  In each of those categories there are several dresses to choose from.  Because of my body type I chose the Empire Waist Dresses.  Once I chose the category I wanted I knew I didn't want a sleeveless dress.  I don't like showing off my arms.  I also didn't want a 3/4 or long sleeve dress because I want to be able to wear the dress in the summer by itself and not be hot with the option to wear it in the fall or winter with a sweater over it.  So I chose the A-line Empire Waist V-Neck Cap Sleeve Dress.

Now it is time to customize the dress.  First is color.  Almost all of the dresses are available in 7 different colors.  Pink, Black, Cobalt Blue, Chocolate Brown, Palm(which is a red, black, and white palm pattern), True Red, and Navy Blue.  I chose Black.  Everyone makes fun of me because I always choose black dresses.  Black is basic and I love basic.  You can add whatever you'd like to a black dress or wear it as is.

Next it is time to choose the length of the dress.  All dresses, except for the Trapeze Cocktail Dresses come in 4 lengths. The lengths are above knee, knee, mid-calf, and full/maxi.  When you are choosing your length be VERY careful.  Make sure you look at the chart on the bottom of the page to see how long the dress will actually be.  I did not pay attention to that and chose full/maxi length.  Usually for me dresses that are supposed to be full/maxi length come to right above my ankles because I am so tall.  My full/maxi length CCB Custom Dress is really a full/maxi length dress.  I covers my feet and comes to right above the floor.

After color and length is sizing.  You can choose standard sizes or a custom fit.  The standard sizes are sizes 2-28.  In custom sizes the bust measurement goes from 32-56 inches, waist measurement 24-50 inches, and hip measurement 34-60 inches.  So there is truly a size for everyone.  I'm not going to tell you the sizes I chose. :)

After you have fully customized your dress add it to your cart and check out!  You will automatically receive a confirmation email of your order.  The dress will ship in 5 business days from your order.  When it is shipped you will receive another email with a tracking number.  My dress shipped from Georgia to Missouri in 3 days.

Once you receive your dress if there are any problems CCB has a Free Alteration Service.  Ship your dress back within 7 days of receiving it.  The shipping cost back to CCB is paid by you.  You dress will be altered once for free.  Then CCB will ship it back to you within 5 business days for free.

I love my CCB dress.  It fits me perfectly.  I am nursing so I was alittle concerned with how that would work if my baby got hungry while I was out.  But, THE NECKLINE IS ELASTIC!  It stretches far enough so that I can pull the top of the dress down and my undershirt up and nurse discreetly!  I was super excited.  The fabric is very comfortable and breathable.  It's summer so I didn't wear panty hose with it.  I am confident that the dress won't stick to them in the winter because of static though.  I wore the dress from 8am to 4pm.  I put my baby wrap on to carry my baby around at church, and took a nap in it.  The dress did not wrinkle or loose its shape like some dresses can.  I was very impressed.  The only think that I might have a problem with would be price.  I currently don't have the money to pay for a custom dress.  But this dress is WELL worth it.
Sorry about the quality, it's obviously a picture on my phone.  My daughter has hidden my camera!  Also, I'm standing on a stool.  I'm not that tall.  And ignore the face I'm making.  I really do love my dress.  If you know me personally you know you're lucky that you even get to see a picture of me with it on! 

CCB Custom Dresses is a great company run by a very kind mother of two.  The ordering process is very easy and the dresses are amazing quality.  
You can visit CCB on Facebook and Twitter.
CCB Custom Dresses is currently running a first time buyer special.  When you check out use the code 'SAVE50FF' and receive 50% off your first order!

I was not paid for this post.  I received a CCB Custom Dress to review and give my 100% honest opinion on.

Great kid's fashion in just a few clicks at Bealls

This post brought to you by Bealls. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's time for Back to School" shopping again.  Though we're homeschooling we still participate in the fun!  Our favorite thing to shop for is clothes.  "Back to School" time is when all the great fall fashions come out.  I just LOVE fall fashions.  With fall you get to layer clothes.  And honestly, layering is the cutest on little girls.  They get to wear dresses like this cute Hello Kitty Tutu Dress or this Hooded Tunic with leggings.  But it's still warm enough to wear things like these cute short overalls or this Dora the Explorer outfit.  We're all about layering and leggings in this house.

While "Back to School" shopping we like to look for the best deals.  If we're shopping in the stores we look for coupons.  When shopping online we look for discount codes and sales.  We never pay full price but we always get the cutest clothes.

I just been introduced to http://www.beallsflorida.com/.  Bealls carries all of the latest fashions for your children at great prices.  Right now they have Tax Free Days Friday August 12th to Sunday August 14th, Free Shipping on all orders over $50, AND $10 off a $50 purchase by using the code '10MORE'.  You can get a whole back to school wardrobe for your child for $50.  And you they will love it!

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We had ICE CREAM for Lunch!!!

We really did.  My 2 year old and I ate Ice Cream for lunch today.  It was very yummy!  It was also SUPER healthy.

Yesterday while at my Mother-In-Law's house I watched the Food Network while the girls were napping.  I think the Food Network is the best channel out there!  If we had cable it would be on at my house ALL DAY.  While watching the Food Network I think the show 5 Ingredients or Less came on.  She said she was going to make Banana Ice Cream.  The catch was, she was using ONLY bananas.  I was quite intrigued.  I watched and she did it!  It was the creamiest looking ice cream I had ever seen.  I had to try it.   And now I HAVE to share it.

Take some bananas, cut them into chunks.  It doesn't matter what size chunks or how many bananas.  Stick the chunks on a cookie sheet or in a plastic container or whatever in 1 layer in the freezer.  Let them stay in there until they're frozen.  I put my bananas in the freezer last night.  When you're ready for the ice cream take the bananas out of the freezer, put them in the food processor, turn it on and you have ICE CREAM.  You may have to let some air into the food processor.  I did for mine.  The lady on tv didn't.  You can add in anything you'd like.  Just stick it in the food processor with your bananas and blend it.  We added in peanut butter.  The lady on tv added peanut butter and honey.  Next time we're going to add in chocolate syrup.  That won't be as healthy but it should be yummy!

The great thing about this recipe, aside from the fact that it's super healthy and fills your ice cream craving without filling your thighs, is that your toddler can help you make it from start to finish.  Bananas are so easy to cut your child can cut them with a butter knife.  Madelynn loved turning the food processor on and off.  And she really loved that she was eating ice cream for lunch!  I've been craving ice cream for a few weeks now but can't eat it because Hayleigh has a milk sensitivity right now.  If I have any dairy products it really bothers her stomach.  I'm excited that I have found a yummy alternative.  It's so smooth and creamy.  You really can't tell that you're not eating real ice cream.
So go freeze some bananas and serve your kids some ice cream for lunch tomorrow.  You're sure to get big smiles!


Hey Cloth Diapering Mommies!

I wanted to let you know about the "Fluff Fest" going on over at Happily Domestic this month.  There are lots of great prizes to enter to win!  So head on over to Happily Domestic to check it out!



Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies WINNER

The winner of the Fiber One 90 Calories Brownies is,
#49 Shaneka Anderson

Congratulations.  I will be contacting your shortly.  You will have 48 hours to respond before I draw another winner.  I have to have the winner's name in by August 12th.


Christmas in July Giveaway WINNERS!

The Winners of the Christmas in July Giveaway ARE....

Intelligender Prize Pack Winner - #222 Taylor Marves

Amaria's Paper Works Gift Card Winner - #329 Krista Carver

A Mommy Made It Reuseable Prize Pack Winner - #266 Amy DeLong

Tommee Tippee Nursing Cover Winner - #158 Amanda Sikes

The winners will have 48 hours to respond to their emails.  If they do not respond within 48 hours I will draw another winner.
THANK YOU everyone for entering.  I had so much fun with this Giveaway Hop.  If you hopped around to the other blogs I hope you won something.
I'd like to welcome all the new followers.  I hope you enjoy my blog.