Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies GIVEAWAY

The brownie I can eat and not have to worry about.
Fiber One and General Mills provided me with Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies and some fun goodies through MyBlogSpark to try.
These brownies are so soft and yummy and chocolatey.  You would never know they were only 90 calories with 20% of your daily fiber.
"With new Fiber One 90-Calorie Brownies, you can have an unbelievably satisfying and wholesome treat in two delicious flavors. The Chocolate Fudge brownies are made with chocolate-flavored chips and topped with a dark chocolate-flavored drizzle, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter variety contains peanut butter chips topped with a peanut butter drizzle. " -Fiber One
I honestly don't see the peanut butter chips in the Chocolate Peanut Butter variety.  I do see the chocolate chips in the Chocolate Fudge brownies though.
These have definitely become my favorite grab and go snack.  My husband even likes them.

Would you like to try some Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies for yourself?  Well you're in luck.  MyBlogSpark is going to give one lucky reader a Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownie prize pack just like I received.  You will get 2 boxes of Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies, a tote bag, a bracelet, a snack container, a jump rope, a metal water bottle, and a head band.

I will draw the winner August 2nd.
If you're reading this on the main page click on the "read more" link below to enter!


Christmas In July Giveaways! 4 Prizes 4 Winners!

Hello Ladies! And the few gentlemen that might read.  I am participating in a Christmas in July Giveaway Hop that was created by Just Married with Coupons, Matter of Cents, and Money $aving Michele.
You may have seen my Sponsor Features this past week.  If not you really should go check them out.  I have 4 great sponsors that are giving away 4 great prizes.
Intelligender Prize Pack
Intelligender is giving one lucky winner an Intelligender Gender Prediction Test and a bottle IntelliCeuticals Baby's Best Milk Drops. (US Residents only)
Blog Feature HERE.

Amaria's Paper Works Gift Card
Amaria's Paper Works is giving one lucky winner a $25 Gift Card to their Etsy Shop.
Blog Feature HERE.

A Mommy Made It reusable Prize Pack
A Mommy Made It is giving one lucky winner a set of reusable nursing pads and a set of reusable baby wipes. (US Residents only)
Blog Feature HERE.

Tommee Tippee Nursing Cover
Tommee Tippee is giving one lucky winner a Closer to Nature Nursing Cover. (US Residents only)
Blog Feature HERE.

Please go read the Blog Features on all of these great companies.  They have great products and were very generous to donate for this event.
Also, be sure to check out the other giveaways linked below!
I'm using Rafflecopter for your entries to this.  I'm completely new to Rafflecopter but it's super easy for you guys!  You don't leave comments on the post.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form.
The views expressed in the Blog Features are my own.  I was provided product for the review and for the giveaway in exchange for my opinion and nothing else.  Next to the prize pack descriptions it is stated the regional restrictions on who can win.  You must be 18 or older to win.


A Mommy Made It - Christmas in July Feature #3

A Mommy Made It is an Etsy shop run by a Mommy of 3 boys.  She sells washable and reusable baby items.  She has nursing pillow covers, nursing pads, baby wipes, and flannel diaper liners.
I received 2 pair of nursing pads, wipes, and a diaper liner from her for a review.
The nursing pads were in 2 sizes.  One regular size and 1 larger size.  The regular size ones work great for day time.  They have a soft bamboo micro fleece that goes against your skin.  There are 3 layers of flannel on the inside and a lay of PUL on the outside so there are no leaks.  They're definitely my favorite nursing pad I have for daytime use right now.  As soon as they're dirty I wash them and dry them so that I can use them again.  The larger pad is great for night time use.  I have noticed mine leak around the outside if I lay on my chest.  But I'm pretty sure that happens with any nursing pad when you're only 3 weeks into nursing.
Washable Stay-Dry Nursing Pads 5inch set of 2
The wipes are very soft and very cute.  They're only 1 layer of flannel as opposed to 2.  I like that they're only 1 layer because when I go to wipe my baby's bottom the layers don't slide against each other making the wipe wad up when I don't want it to.
I haven't been able to use the flannel liner yet.  My baby hasn't had a diaper rash yet.  WOOT! I'm hoping to not have to use it for awhile yet.  But it's made out of the same flannel as the wipes.  It's very soft and I'm sure it will work great when I need it.
Her wipes are very reasonably priced.  You can get 16 wipes for $5.25.  That comes out to around $.32 a wipe!  When you're going to be washing and reusing those that really cheap!
The nursing pillow covers she makes are very pretty.  My favorite one is the brown and pink minky polka dot cover.
Washable Slip Cover for  Nursing Pillows "Boppy Style"
Be sure to check back July 25th to 31st for the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop.  A Mommy Made is will be giving away a set of nursing pads and a set of wipes.


Tommee Tippee - Christmas in July Feature #4

Tommee Tippee is a brand of newborn and infant feeding products originally based in the UK.  They now are distributed in the US as of 2009.  The sell everything from nursing covers to sippy cups to sterilizers.
I am in love with their Closer to Nature line.   The idea behind it is that things go smoother for babies when everything is Closer to Nature, especially while eating.  The line includes breastfeeding support items such as nursing covers, nursing pads, a breast pump, and a really cool milk storage tray and pods.  For bottle feeding their bottles are designed to as close to the breast as possible.  The bottle nipple is domed and stretches while the baby is feeding.
I received the nursing cover to review.  First off I'd just like to say, I LOVE IT! I never had a nursing cover with my first.  Breastfeeding in public was just awkward and didn't happen often.  Which caused both mommy and baby stress.  Whenever she was hungry I'd drive home as fast as possible to feed her leaving behind whatever I was doing before.  Having a nursing cover this time around is just awesome.  It doesn't matter where I am.  I can comfortable nurse my baby.  It allows me to go more places.  The nursing cover is awesome.  It is very large so it covers everything you need it to cover.  The strap that goes around your neck is easily adjusted with 1 hand.  The boning in the top of it is amazing.  I've seen some nursing covers that would have been great but they failed because the boning doesn't work like it's supposed to.  The fabric is light and breathable.  And finally along the bottom inside of the cover there is a towel sewn on for wiping your baby's mouth if they're a messy eater.  The patterns of the covers are great too.  I received the black and white pattern.  It's very beautiful and not to flashy so it doesn't draw extra attention to you.
I will definitely be using my Tommee Tippee nursing cover for a long time.

Be sure to check back from July 25th to 31st.  I am participating in a Christmas in July Giveaway Hop.  Tommee Tippee will be giving one lucky reader a nursing cover of their very own!



Amaria's Paper Works - Christmas in July Feature #2

Does your daughter or another little girl in your life love princesses, faeries, dress-up, and dolls?
Have you ever went to the store for a present and just stood there and thought, "What the heck is this?!"  Half of the dolls are half dressed and the others are from movies or shows that don't teach very great moral values.  Then you get to the dress-up clothes and they want your daughter to look like a hoochy!  The decent clothes or dolls that are there your daughter already has like 4 different versions of the same thing.
Amaria's Paper Works is here to save the day!  These paper dolls are modest and look like real people rather than someone made to look "perfect".  The part that's even better is you can get personalized dolls that look just like your child!

Madelynn received a Personalized Magnetic Paper Doll to review.  I received it in the mail the day before my induction.  Madelynn wasn't home so I got to open it and look at it before she did.  It's SO CUTE!  I mean, it looks like my kid so of course I think it's cute.  But it really is adorable.  I'll admit, I actually played with it.  I dressed up the doll in all the different outfits.  My husband even thought it was cool.  I love the personalization on the package of the doll too.  When you order you're asked questions about your child.  Then she uses the answers to put alittle biography of sorts on the front of the package.  I think that makes it even cuter!

The next day when Madelynn came to see me and Hayleigh I gave her the doll.  She LOVED it.  When she opened it she said, "It's ME! It's a Madelynn doll!"  She loves that the doll looks just like her.  She loved the outfits.  During the personalization ordering process you're asked about things your child likes.  Those are definitely reflected in the clothing choices.  Madelynn loves playing with her "Me Paper Doll".  That's what she calls it.

Be sure to check back from July 25th to 31st for the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop.  Amaria's Paper Works giving away a $25 voucher to their shop.



Intelligender - Christmas in July Feature #1

Intelligender is most widely known for their Gender Prediction Test.  It's something fun you can do in those first 20 weeks when you don't really feel pregnant, other than the morning sickness, and you really want to know the gender of that growing life inside of you.  But what most people don't know is Intellegender also has IntelliCeuticals.  IntelliCeuticals are herbal, all natural remedies for moms in the pre-baby and post-baby journeys.
I was given the opportunity to review IntelliCeuticals Baby's Best Milk Drops.  I first used the drops in the hospital a few hours after I had my daughter.  She started out a very hungry baby.  She first nursed for almost an hour.  I figured I should start the drops right away because they're supposed to help with milk production.  The Baby's Best Milk Drops don't taste to great.  I would definitely recommend diluting it more with juice or decaf sweet tea.  I didn't notice a difference at all in the first 48 hours.  I actually had to supplement with 1 ounce of formula on my daughter's second night because she was SO hungry she was just crying and wouldn't sleep.  My milk hadn't come in yet.  But by the 3rd day(72hrs) my milk came in and it came in with a vengence.  I stopped using the drops.  I was engorged so bad for 4 days.  With my first daughter the engorgement only lasted a day, 2 at the most.  I seriously felt like I had enough milk to feed 5 starving newborns.  I don't have problems making milk.  I just thought the drops would make it come in faster.  But on their site it does say it could take up to 72 hours.  I am going to start taking them again.  One of the herbs in Baby's Best Milk Drops helps with mother's and baby's digestion.  I would like to be able to eat foods like onions and broccoli.  I'm hoping the drops will help my daughter be able to digest my milk after eating those things without being gassy and fussy.

Stay tuned to my blog.  July 25th-31st I will be participating in the Christmas in July Blog Hop.  There are 125 bloggers participating.  I will be having 4 giveaways that week.

Intelligender will be giving away a Gender Prediction Test and a bottle of Baby's Best Milk Drops to one reader.



Friday Blog Hop - My first one.

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MiaPia Tutus Giveaway Winner

The winner of the MiaPia Tutus Giveaway is

Amanda Sikes said...

I have your button on my blog.

Congratulations.  I will contact you shortly for your info and the colors you want!