If your kids ever drive you COMPLETELY crazy...

I found THIS SITE this morning.  It's definitely therapy for when your children drive you ABSOLUTELY NUTS or you're thinking to yourself, "How can this get any worse?!".  Just visit THIS SITE and see some of the things other people's kids have ruined or messed up or made a mess of.  This totally makes Madelynn's episode of swallowing a small mystery item(which I'm pretty sure is one of the pegs that used to hold our tv stand shelf up) and her "mountain" of dishwasher detergent yesterday not so bad.  I don't really like the site's name.  I think it could have a more appropriate name.  And some of the posts title's aren't the best language. So it's definitely something to read/look at when your children are in time out or sleeping.  Besides, you don't want your kids getting anymore ideas!


Lowe's Kid's Workshop.

Lowe's has a Kid's Workshop on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month at 10am.  The kids get to build fun projects.  On their site it says the recommended age for attendees is 1st to 5th grade.  But at my local Lowe's store they said as long as you stay right with your kid and help them then they can be as young as 2 years old.  The kids get a cool Lowe's apron and little badges to put on it for each project they do.  My cousin takes her daughter every Satruday.  She's made things as small and simple as a picture frame and things as large and complex as a bird house. You can go to Lowe's website to find out what project they are going to have and what date they will have it on.

Free Recipe Books!

If you love Recipe books or even know someone that does you need to check out this offer.  Head over to Sun-Maid Recipes.  They have 5 free recipe books.  All 5 of them can be downloaded as EBooks.  Only 3 of them can be shipped to you FOR FREE.  So go check it out and enjoy some yummy new recipes!


Boogie Wipes Review and Giveaway

No Boogie Wipes are not wipes that dance or make you dance.  They are wipes for little snotty noses.  They are soft wipes moistened with a saline solution to help get the stuck on boogies off when you kid has a cold or allergies.  If you have a small child you know how much of a battle nose wiping is.  Let alone trying to get the stuck on stuff off.  Boogie Wipes makes all of that easier.  Madelynn hasn't had a runny nose in a month.  YAY! But that also means I haven't been able to use the Boogie Wipes on her nose.  I did use one on her eyes one morning when she woke up with extra crustyness.  She has allergies that somehow only effect her eyes and only sometimes.  It's weird.  But anyway.  Boogie Wipes got the crusties off and there was little fighting and restraining.  I used the Grape Scented Boogie Wipe just to see how it feels and smells.  They are very gentle on your nose.  They definitely leave your nose moist feeling but it's not to bad.  That means it won't get red and chapped as easily.  The Grape Scent sticks around for alittle bit.  Which also isn't to bad.  It's not a strong perfumey scent.  It's not strong at all.  I'm pregnant so I know strong smells.  I like them and am glad I have some for when Madelynn does get a cold.  I know they will come in handy and I won't have to worry about her little nose cracking and bleeding from having to wipe it so much.
They also just developed a "Teacher/Daycare kit".  I think it's be great for a Sunday School classroom too.  The kit contains a poster, 50 samples, $.50 off coupons, and 2 classroom canisters.

Boogie Wipes is going to give one of you the chance to win 2-30 count packages of Boogie Wipes along with some awesome coupons.

To Enter:
-Let me know your least favorite part about you little one having a cold.  You know, aside from the fact that you have to watch them feel bad.  Because I know we all don't like that.(MANDATORY)
-Like Boogie Wipes on Facebook.  If you'd like to you can let them know In the Mommy Business sent you.  But you don't have to.(1 entry)
-Follow Boogie Wipes on Twitter.(1entry)
-Follow In the Mommy Business through Google Friend Connect or Email.  They're both on the right sidebar. (1 entry)
-Like In the Mommy Business on Facebook and post about this giveaway tagging ITMB and Boogie Wipes in your post.  To tag someone you have to follow them and then @their name.  You can do this daily(4 entries every day you do it for all of your hard work). The ability to post links to In the Mommy Business on Facebook has been taken away.  So just tell your friends about the giveaway and leave this as a link, "inthe-mommybusiness.blogspot. com.  If you leave the space between blogspot. and com then Facebook doesn't care.  Also, if you happened to mark ITMB as spam on Facebook please undo that so I can post links again.
-Add the In the Mommy Business button to your blog(2 entries).

This giveaway will end May 31st June 2nd at 10pm. I will draw and post the winner on June 1st 3rd.
If you are having problems leaving comments on this post log out of blogger and uncheck the stay signed in button.  Then come back and leave a comment.  For some reason blogger is being funny and causing comment issues.  If this still doesn't work for you just leave an anonymous comment with your email address so that I will be able to contact you. Because of this I am extending the giveaway for a few days.  That will give everyone that tried to leave a comment unsuccessfully the chance to try again.


Deals and Free Stuff You SHOULD NOT Miss Out On.

I know I've skipped on Save it Saturday 2 weeks in a row.  There didn't seem to be much interest.  So I'll just post deals as I find them.
Today though I am going to share with you several sites that will save you money or get you free stuff.  I will also share how they work.

First is Swagbucks.  I know alot of you have heard of it.  I also know there are just as many of you that have no clue what it is.  Swagbucks is a search engine just like Yahoo, Bing, or Google.  The thing that makes Swagbucks different is that you get points or "bucks" for searching.  You don't get them every time but usually 1 out of 5 searches.  You can trade your "bucks" in for items and gift cards.  My favorite thing to trade for is the $5 Amazon gift card.  To get started with Swagbucks go HERE and set up an account.  It is my referral link so I will get some "bucks" for you signing up.  I think it's like 10.  But after you sign up you can also refer your friends and receive "bucks" from them.  It's super easy to sign up and use.  I am able to get enough "bucks" to redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card once or twice a month.  I search everything.  Instead of typing in blogger.com I'll go to Swagbucks and search for blogger.  I know it's 1 extra step but that 1 extra step gets me $10 a month that I didn't have before.  It's not really inconvenient at all.  You can even make Swagbucks your home page on your browser.  Then there's no extra step at all.
Search & Win

The next thing is Groupon.  I just recently discovered the amazingness of Groupon.  "Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses."  They post new deals daily.  You can be notified of them by email or you can just check the site daily.  When I signed up I didn't use my account right away and they sent me a $10 off code for my first Groupon purchase.  I got a $20 gift card to get printer ink for FREE.  It was pretty awesome.  To sign up for Groupon go HERE.  Yes, it is another referral link.  When you refer your friends you get $10 off your Groupons after they've made their first Groupon purchase.

Then there's RecycleBank.  RecycleBank is a site that helps you learn ways to recycle and be more eco-friendly while earning points at the same time.  They have different tasks for you to participate in.  Most of them are simple quizzes that take at most 2 minutes.  Then they have more detailed tasks like earning points for recycling in your home.  With that you have to fill out a form and send it places.  I don't know much about  that part of RecycleBank because it's pretty complicated and I don't need any more complication in my life.  I love our apartment complex because we have a dumpster for recycling.  We just throw everything in and don't have to sort any of it.  Anyway, after you sign up for RecycleBank and earn points you can redeem your points for coupons and gift cards.  I think the best coupon you can redeem is the McDonalds coupon for a free Premium Salad when you buy a Happy Meal.  That's a $4 meal for me and Madelynn after I buy a drink.  You only need 100 points for that coupon.  100 points is super easy to get.  My husband would like me to save up the 2500 points it takes to get the Best Buy gift card.  To sign up for RecycleBank go HERE.  It is a referral link.  When you refer your friends you get 10 points.

There's also NoMoreRack.com.   NoMoreRack.com is a site with deals on clothing, accessories, bath & body products, shoes, toys, and electronics.  They really have a little bit of everything.  They post 8 new items every day at Noon EST.  All of the items are VERY discounted.  Some of the items sell out super fast. Most of the kitchen items go quickly.  I still haven't managed to get the item I wanted and they're usually things for the kitchen.  To sign up for NoMoreRack.com go HERE.  The first one of you to click on that link and sign up will get a $10 gift card to NoMoreRack.com.  After I was a member for a week or 2 NoMoreRack.com sent me a free $5 credit because I hadn't bought anything yet.

I've also signed up for Sample Showcase.  Sample Showcase is a site where you can find LOTS of free samples.  Then occasionally they will have a "sample box" that you can sign up and see if you qualify for.  I really don't know what the qualifications of the sample boxes are.  I've signed up for 2 and haven't qualified.  But when you sign up to receive the different samples they all come with very generous coupons for those products.

For other free products, coupons, and deals "Like" your favorite brands and companies on Facebook.  Most of them have coupons for their products.  Then occasionally they will giveaway free items.  You have to keep an eye out for them though.  They go FAST when there is a free item.  I will do my best to keep up with all of the free products you can get on Facebook.  I know I miss alot though.  So if you could share the products you find on In the Mommy Business's Facebook page we would all appreciate it.

I hope you all learned something.  I also hope you all sign up for these great deals.  They will help you save alittle bit of money.  And the way things are right now every penny truly does count!



GourmetGiftBaskets.com Giveaway WINNER!

The winner of the GroumetGiftBaskets.com Giveaway is;

krista carver said...12

I posted on gourmetgiftbaskets fb wall my favorite baskets.

Congratulations! I will be contacting you for your information.  Thank you every one for entering.  I have another giveaway to post this week.  If I can ever make it to the eye doctor for an eye exam to do the review, I will be giving away a free pair of glasses through 39dollarglasses.com very soon!


10 Days of Deals with Redbox.

Starting today(May 16th) until May 25th when you text "DEALS" to 727272, redbox will send you a discount code.  The discount will be anywhere from $.10 to $1.50.  It make family night or movie night with your hubby just alittle cheaper or even free!

Head over to Redbox on Facebook for information and deals.  They usually have some kind of deal once a month.  They also have movie reviews if you're having a hard time picking something to watch.  
AND you can use the code "DVDONME" for a free one night rental.




So Blogger(the site that I write the beautiful blog posts through) was down yesterday.  Apparently in its downness it deleted comments.  It's a good thing there's only one giveaway open and I semi know who all posted comments on it.  But please check the Gourmetgiftbasket.com giveaway and see if all of your comments are still there.  I don't want you to miss out on your entries!



GourmetGiftBaskets.com Review and GIVEAWAY.

This past week I was given the chance to review GourmetGiftBaskets.com.  They sent me their Classic Snack Gift Basket.
I've never received a gift basket before.  I didn't really know what to expect.  I know the pictures are really pretty.  But you know how pictures work with most stuff.  The pictures are fancy and then the product isn't so much.  With these I was pleasantly surprised.  The basket was just as pretty as the picture online. And it was FULL.

So I started taking the stuff out of it to see how much extra filler they put in the bottom of the basket to make it look so full.  There actually wasn't much.  That basket was really full.  When I tried to put everything back I couldn't.

The snacks are all delicious.  I was alittle weary about the Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel dip but it was really yummy.  And the coconut bar is AMAZING.  It's just a pure bar of coconut.  Madelynn and I both really enjoyed it.

This basket would be perfect for that Dad or Grandpa that has EVERYTHING.  We all have a hard time figuring out what to get my Grandpa for father's day.  He has every tool imagineable.  And really one man can only have so many Cardinals, Rams, Blues, Grandpa, and Dad shirts before is wardrobe is all the same thing.  I'm sure for at least 2 weeks after Father's day he can wear a new shirt every day.  And we won't even go there on all of the interesting slippers he's received and has never worn.  Anyway, back to the gift basket.  This would be the perfect thing for him.  He can snack on it while watching his ball game.  It's summer so there's one on like every day.
GourmetGiftBaskets.com is giving one of you the chance to win a snack gift basket just like the one I received.  You can use it for the Dad or Grandpa in your life that you just can't figure out what to get.  Or you can keep it for yourself for a nice pampering treat.


-"LIKE" GourmetGiftBaskets.com on Facebook and let them know which basket is your favorite.(MANDATORY! Must be done for all other entries to count) 
-Follow In the Mommy Business through GFC, Email, or NetworkedBlogs. All 3 are on the right sidebar.(1 entry) 
-Follow In the Mommy Business on Twitter. (1 entry)
-Grab the In the Mommy Business Button, on the right sidebar, and put it on your blog. (3 entries) 
-"Tweet" or Facebook post about this giveaway.  There's a cool new bar at the bottom of the post that you can just click on the Twitter or Facebook button and it'll make your post for you. Make sure if you tweet to @mommy_business and @gmtgiftbaskets(1 entry a day)

For each thing you do leave a separate comment.  If they say more than one entry in the parenthesis make sure you leave that many comments.
This giveaway will end on May 18th at noon.

Sweet Girls Raising Money for the Ronald McDonald House

I know some Sweet Girls that are raising money for the Ronald McDonald house.  Their family has been blessed by this organization and now they would like to help bless other families.  If you knew these girls you would know that they have BIG hearts and would do anything they could for someone in need or someone that's hurting.  I have received get well cards and cupcakes from them even when I had just a cold.   They are always thinking of someone.
Please head over to their Mommy's blog to find out how to help these girls raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.



Swiffer 360* Duster Facebook Giveaway.

Swiffer updated their facebook page.  They will be starting their giveaway tonight at 8pm(ET). I'm pretty sure that's 7pm(CT).  They're only giving away 12,500 tonight so you better be on your game or you'll miss out.  Head on over to their facebook page for more info if you'd like.  But I don't think there's much more than that.  

A Question for the Mommies: Gerber Prefolds

Sorry I was missing today.  Madelynn has strep with pretty high fevers and luckily/surprisingly no other symptoms.  She's actually very pleasant and isn't complaining or whining at all.  Which I'm ever so grateful for.  Whining really gets on my nerves.  And since I'm running on minimum sleep that wouldn't have been good today.
As I sit here waiting to give her another dose of medicine in 15 minutes I was thinking.  Mostly about cloth diapers.  That seems to be what I think about most of the time I'm up late on the computer.  I use microfiber inserts.  Not because I picked them specifically or anything.  But because that's what came with all of my diapers and I honestly didn't know there was much of a difference between inserts when I first started my cloth diapering adventure when Madelynn was 12 months old.  I knew that hemp inserts were different than everything else but that's it.  Now that I've been doing this for awhile and doing TONS of research I have found out that a very huge possibility to my diaper stick problem is that I use microfiber inserts.
So I was wondering first, kinda, what inserts do you use?  Do you have any problems with them stinking?  Are all of the mothers with the microfiber stink doing something wrong that we haven't figured out yet?
My second question is, has anyone actually used Gerber Prefolds as cloth diapers and not just burp cloths?  They're super cheap and I think would rinse out much better than microfiber(That's what I think causes the stink. It's so hard to rinse them out good).  I could just tri-fold them and stuff them into the diaper just like I do regular inserts.  But I wanted to know if anyone knew if they were actually absorbent.  I would just buy a pack myself and test one out but Madelynn rarely needs a diaper at naptime and testing them out the first time at night isn't a very good indicator of absorbency since Madelynn is a heavy wetter anyway.
If the Gerber Prefolds don't work what else would you suggest?



Save It Saturday #2

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for 4 Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPac sample packs it ends on May 10th.
This week I will be posting a review and giveaway for GourmetGiftBaskets.com and for Casa Mexicana.  So check back for those.
Be sure to link up the deals/freebies that you've found this week.


Cascade 24 hour Challenge. Giveaway +CLOSED+

On Friday I received Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs for review.  Cascade asked that we take the "24 Hour Cascade Challenge".  For the challenge they suggest using blueberry cobbler.  I didn't have blueberries so I used the meatloaf pan from the night before.  I hadn't soaked it or anything yet.  I don't know why but the meatloaf pans are the hardest to clean.  You're supposed to leave the baking dish on the counter, no rinsing or soaking, for 24 hours.  Put it in the dishwasher along with a Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPac.  I was weary about it.  The last time I made meatloaf and put the pan I soaked over night in the dishwasher it still didn't come completely clean.  I really didn't think this time would be any different.  But look for yourself!  This stuff is AMAZING!



I told you it was AMAZING!  I couldn't believe it.  The rest of the dishes in the dishwasher just felt cleaner too. 
Now is your chance to try it out for yourself.  Cascade has provided me with sample packs to giveaway.  4 of you will have the chance to try out Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs.

To Enter:
  • (MANDATORY)Leave a comment telling me what dish you would use this on if you won the sample pack.
  • Follow In the Mommy Business through Google Friend Connect or Email. They're both on the right sidebar.
  • Follow In the Mommy Business on Facebook.
  • Follow In the Mommy Business on twitter.
  • Grab the new button(located on the right side bar) and post it on your blog.(3 entries)

Good luck to all.  This giveaway ends on May 10th.
If you don't win the sample pack that I am giving away you can always head over to Walmart and get a trial pack for less than $1.


Legal Disclaimer:
This product review was based on using complimentary Cascade product provided by P&G. P&G does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor does it endorse any opinions expressed within this blog site.


Starbucks Happy Hour! 50% off Frappucinos!

I LOVE frozen coffee.  And there is no better frozen coffee than Starbucks Frappuccinos.  Well May 6th-15th Starbucks if having Frappuccino Happy Hour!  Frappuccinos will be 50% off from 3pm-5pm at all participating Starbucks Locations.  Isn't that AWESOME?!

I know the video is corny.

All the info you need is right HERE.  Also, call your local store to make sure they are participating.  Don't want you going all excited then have to return home sad and frozen coffeeless.