PIzza Hut BOOK IT! for Homeschoolers

I heard about this from my friend Amanda awhile back.  Then I was reminded today from Adventures of a Couponista.  I plan to start homeschool with my daughter this fall but she's not old enough for this yet.  We'll just be doing preschool.  But I know there are alot of you out there that do have homeschool children that fit the age group.  I remember doing this when I went to public school.  I always reach my goal super fast.  Then we would have a special lunch.  I'm so excited that they have this open to homeschoolers.
Head over HERE to Pizza Hut's website to enroll your children in the program.  This page also answers all of the questions you could have about enrolling and eligibility.

Save It Saturday

I would like to try this new idea.  Through the week I see all these deals and freebies.  I figured alot of you probably see them too.  So every Saturday I'm going to list all the deals and freebies I've found that are going to last for awhile.  I'll still post them through out the week if they're time sensitive deals/freebies.  I don't have ink for my printer currently.  Mostly because I always forget to get more when I go to the store.  So I won't post many coupons unless I notice something amazing.  I will also post a link up at the bottom so you can link the deals you'd found.
So let's begin!

That's all I can remember currently.  This was a last minute thought this morning.  The list will hopefully be better next week.  And I'll have some coupons.  Please link up the deals you know about.  Just leave what the deal is in the title bar and then the link.


A Question for the Mommies: Heartburn

So I'm 31wks pregnant.  I only have 9 more weeks to go!!  I've been suffering from heartburn since week 16ish.  It's killer now.  My esophagus is DIEING!  I was taking pepcid.  But I just don't think taking one to two of those a day is safe.  Especially since I think it says on the bottle not to take it for more than 7 consecutive days.  Tums also says that.  And you can't really switch up antacids because they're all made out of the same thing.  They just have different names.  I've tried baking soda water.  That stuff tastes like crap!  I can drink a gallon of milk a day.  It helps for alittle bit but isn't long term.
My question for you is WHAT WORKS?!  What have you done to fix heartburn?  Is there any real fix for it?


ERGO Baby Carrier on Sale!

BabySteals.com has the Ergo Baby Carrier today for $57.75, $60.50, and $73.99, depending on the style you pick.  They're normally $105-$148.  I don't have one of these myself but I've heard they are amazing carriers from 2 people that have lots of babies.  You better hurry because BabySteals.com never keeps Ergos on their site for very long.



"31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way"

So my house is clean, mostly, for now.  But I don't always have the right heart about cleaning.  It's also not always done.  Sometimes I'll go for a week+ just keeping up.  Not really keeping things CLEAN.  Well 31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha house the Mary way, is an Ebook that helps get our homes and hearts in order.  The author says, "Give me 31 days and I'll give you not only a cleaner home, but a vision for one."  Doesn't that just sound wonderful?!  I think it does.  Sounds like just about what I need right now.  I'm super cranky about cleaning because I just don't feel like it because I'm tired from pregnancy.  I need something to help me change my attitude.  ALSO, I don't have to sit down and read the whole book for days. It's just a day by day thing.  One page a day.  That's not difficult.  And I'm working as I read.  Super plus.

I am blogging about this today. Not only because I really think this Ebook looks awesome and would love to have it and share it with you.  But also because I found on Sarah Mae's blog that she is giving away a copy of her Ebook TODAY ONLY to anyone who blogs or tweets about it.  It's like a win win situation!

I hope you check it out and if you do get it for free today I hope that it truly blesses you home!


The Original Green-Pan

When I received an email from Green-Pan asking me to review their products I was EXCITED!  I'm a stay-at-home mom so my job is to cook, clean, and take care of children all day.  Most of the time I only get offers for things that pertain to my taking care of children part of the job.  This time I got something to do with cooking!  I love cooking.  I have ever since I was little and my grandma started teaching me how.  Along the way I have use many, MANY different kinds of pans.  I have also ruined many meals or served iffy looking meals due to food getting very stuck to the pan I was using.  I was excited to try my new Green-Pan as soon as I got it.  The Green-Pan has Thermolon non-stick technology(PTFE-FREE).  It's non-stick stuff that's chemical and plastic free.  So if it does happen to chip off into your food in like 5-10 years you don't have to worry about getting cancer.  But on that same note, Theremolon isn't supposed to bubble up or chip off.
Right away I tried to think of things to cook in my Green-Pan.  I wanted to cook something really sticky that also needed to be browned.  I decided on bacon.  Bacon grease is horrible to clean off after you cook it.  And you want your bacon to be brown and crisp after it's done cooking.  Not floppy.  Well the Green-Pan did it.  My bacon was crisp and brown.  I waited about an hour after cooking the bacon to wash the pan.  I barely had to wipe the inside of the pan.  The grease and little bits of bacon that were still in the pan rinsed out with hot water. It was amazing.  I've never had a pan do that.  Not even a brand new one.  With bacon there's always alittle bit of scrubbing that needs to happen.  Unless of course I'm cooking it wrong and just don't know it.  Then I tried sausage and hamburgers.  Not at the same time.  I got the exact same result from both of those as I did from the bacon.  Everything browns nicely.  Then for clean-up all you have to do is run hot water on it and wipe it with a soapy rag.  No scrubbing.
I love my Green-Pan.  I use it whenever I can.



Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you have a very blessed day.  Let's remember what this holiday is about.  It's not about the pretty dresses or the baskets.  It's about Jesus.  He has risen!



Little Looster Booster for the Loo

I'll admit.  I've been "reviewing" this item for awhile.  My daughter has been using it for 4 months.  And I really don't know what I would do without it!  I love our Little Looster.  It's just plain amazing!  We've been to people's houses that have the basic stool for kids to use.  My daughter wabbles and sometimes falls off of those. She still needs help getting up onto the potty when she uses them because she can't really turn around and just sit.  With the Little Looster the only thing I have to do to help her in the bathroom is wipe.  It's AMAZING.  There is plenty of room for her to climb up, turn around, and sit.  It's very sturdy because it's large and wraps around the toilet.  But it's not to large.  It doesn't take up a TON of room in your bathroom.  Also, adults don't have to move it to use the toilet.  It's not in the way of your feet at all.  Unless of course you're 7 months pregnant and are running inside from a shopping trip and are about to pee your pants.  Then it gets in the way alittle.  But we're not gonna go there...
Yes, I know I'm posting a picture on the internet of my daughter going to the bathroom.  She wouldn't sit and let me take a picture any other way.

We really love our Little Looster.  I don't know what we would have done without it.  I'm sure potty training would have taken longer.  Or at least she would have been using the little potty longer instead of using the toilet after only  2 weeks.  Also there probably would have been alot more accidents at the toilet and alot more falling down.  I really recommend this for anyone potty training their child.  Pair this with one of the little kid potty seats that you just set on the toilet and you don't need one of those little potties that take up a ton of extra room in the bathroom.  It really is worth the $34.99 plus whatever you pay for the potty seat.  It's the same price as buying a little potty then a stool and a potty seat.  And it works SO MUCH BETTER!  The only tiny problem I have with it is when those "didn't quite make it in time" accidents happen right before the kid sits down and pee does get on the Little Looster, it's just a bit hard to get all of it out of the crevices of the L's on the top.  But that's not a huge deal.  Just spray it with extra vinegar water(that's what I clean EVERYTHING with) and scrub alittle harder.


FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Giveaway Winner!

The winner for the FuzziBunz cloth diaper giveaway is,

#52 Nikki.
"Nikki said...

like FuzziBunz on FB ngiraldi @ gmail . com
Congratulations.  I will be contacting you shortly for your information.



RecycleBank, A Way to get Free or Cheap Stuff by Going Greener

Are you a member of RecycleBank?  If not you should be.  You earn point for making greener decisions in your home and by just taking surveys.  Right now they have the "Green Your Home Challenge" going on.  If you follow along the challenge you learn ways to save energy and be more eco-efficient in your home and you earn points for great RecycleBank rewards.  Just last week I got a coupon for a free premium salad from McDonald's when I bought a happy meal.  That was lunch for $4 for me and my daughter.  If you've eaten out any time in the past 10 years you know that's a great deal.  Just click on this RecycleBank link(It's my refferal link, I'll get 10pts when you sign up) to sign up and then go visit the "Green Your Home Challenge".  I earned 55pts today from just reading things in the challenge.

FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

I would say FuzziBunz offers anything you could ever want in a pocket diaper and most cloth diapering accessories.  They are super soft.  The inserts are very absorbent.  They have doublers, pail liners, wetbags, changing pads, diaper sprayers, diaper liners, and wipes.  They even have layaway!  Their diapers come in either One Size or Sized which they call Perfect Size ranging from XS, S, M, and L.
I received a Perfect Size Chocolate Truffle in Small to review.  I got small because I'm going to have a baby soon.  I wasn't thinking about having to actually review the diaper before I have the baby.  That's what pregnancy brain gets me.  But I tried it on my 28lb 3ft tall 2 year old daughter.  It fit her perfectly.  It's cause she's tall and skinny.  I'd always go with the guidelines Fuzzibunz has on their site unless you've been able to try their diapers on your kid.  Their size chart is pretty spot on for average babies.  My daughter really liked the diaper.  She had to go show off her butt to her aunt.
I really love the softness of Fuzzibunz diapers.  This wasn't my first time trying them out.  I have found that after you wash them a TON of times they aren't as soft as when you first get them.  But they are still soft.  I actually prefer to use a Fuzzibunz with an insert and just one doubler for overnight.  They absorb great and the outer material holds liquid in wonderfully if the inserts happen to get to full.

Fuzzibunz is going to give one of you wonderful readers a chance to try, or add to your others, a Fuzzibunz diaper Perfect Size diaper in your color choice.

To Enter:
You MUST head over to facebook and like FuzziBunz.  Then come back and let me know that you did.  This entry is mandatory and must be done for all other entries to count.

For more entries you can:
-Leave a comment letting me know how you follow In The Mommy Business, either through Google Friend Connect or Email subscription.
-Leave a comment letting me know you like In the Mommy Business on Facebook.
-Tweet about this giveaway on twitter(one entry daily).  Make sure you link to @Mommy_Business and @clothdiapersinc
-Blog about this giveaway linking to In the Mommy Business in your post.(5 entries)

Make sure you leave a separate comment for all entries.  And make sure the mandatory one is done before you do any of the others.  This giveaway is open to US residents only.
This giveaway will end on April 13th in the afternoon.


Does Your Kids Love VeggieTales?!

Then I've got a deal for you! hehe.
Just Me Music has a FREE Personalized VeggieTales Song deal.  You get 5 tracks for FREE!  Bob and Larry talk to you child, using their name.  They also put their name into the "VeggieTales Theme Song" and into "If You're Happy and You Know It".  Madelynn is 2.  She thinks VeggieTales is awesome!  She was so excited when she heard Bob and Larry talking to her!  She said, "Mommy, Bob and Larry said my name!" with the biggest smile on her face.  We are now listening to the 5 tracks on a loop.
To get the free tracks all you have to do is go HERE and use the code "myveggie" in the Enter Your Code field.


My Cloth Diapering Adventure.

I've been using cloth diapers with my daughter off and on since she was 12 months old.  I'm currently 27wks pregnant.  I decided that with this baby I will used cloth diapers ALL THE TIME after that package of diapers they send home with me from the hospital is gone.  I'd like you to follow me on this adventure because I know it's going to be one.
I'm gonna start today with how I came to the decision on what kind of diapers I'd like to use for the first 3-6 months.
I used pockets with my daughter.  I really like those.  Most of my pockets are one size.  I looked the internet over and though newborns are cute in cloth diapers one size cloth diapers seem to just eat the baby in my opinion.  How do you ever get clothes over that?  So I decided I like the sized AIO or fitted options better.  And boy are those not cheap!  Seems like I can get a Kawaii OS pocket for cheaper than any fitted on the market!  Aside from a few WAHM ones.  Though I love supporting WAHMs I figured if those ladies can make diapers I can too.  So I started my search for an easy diaper pattern/instructions.  I've read who knows how many blog posts about women making their own diapers.  Some go out and buy super high quality expensive fabric and materials and use these very elaborate patterns that I couldn't follow if my life depended on it.  Then I read about a lady making her diapers out of old t-shirts and washcloths.  I was very interested.  I mean, I have a ton of old t-shirts and I could get more at yard sales or resale for super cheap.  And wash cloths at walmart can be really cheap.  I've also occasionally seen those at yard sales for like $.25 to $.50 for a grocery bag full.  Elastic is probably going to be the most costly thing per diaper and that's not even that expensive.  So the hunt was on for a basic pattern.  And let me tell you, there are LOTS of basic patterns out there.  But after weeks of searching I finally found the patter I'm going to use.  And it's not even a pattern.  It's more of instructions on how to do it.
I'm super excited to get started on this project.  My goal is to make 30 small fitted cloth diapers in the next month or 2.  I figure I can make 1 or 2 while Madelynn is napping.  If I can get 2 in that'll only take me 15 days. I'm sure once I get the hang of it I could probably even get 3 in a day.
Now all I need to do is find covers.  I'm thinking I'll probably go with Kawaii.  But I'm also going to check out diaperswappers, ebay, and places like that in hopes to get covers for less than $4 a piece.  I only need 8-10 according to what I've read about diapering newborns.
Once I get everything purchased I'll let you know how much I ended up spending on my "stash" and if it acutally works.
The next post in "My Cloth Diapering Adventure" will be about washing.