SwaddleDesigns Review and Giveaway

SwaddleDesigns is best known for their Ultimate Receiving Blanket. It is much larger than typical receiving blankets and square in shape.  It also has the swaddling instructions sewn to its edge. SwaddleDesigns offers two types of fabric for swaddling.  Flannel which is what is used in most hospitals because it is thin, lightweight, and breathable but still keeps baby warm.  They also offer Marquisette(which I still haven't figured out how to say correctly).  It is a very light weight open weave of cotton for the summer babies.

Along with the swaddling blankets SwaddleDesigns offers fitted sheets, wearable blankets, cozy blankets, burp cloths & bibs, baby clothes, towels & washcloths, and even adult blankets.  I received a fitted sheet.  The sheet is made out of their flannel material.  It is very soft and made out of some of the best quality flannel I've ever felt.  The color and pattern is exactly as it looks online.  There is no bleeding of the pattern like you see on some flannel.  It's a great sheet.

SwaddleDesigns has announced their Safe Sleep Program where they strive to help educate parents and caregivers using the most recent information and research to increase awareness of Safe Sleep practices and help parents reduce risk of SIDS.  They use the SwaddleDesigns Goldilocks Guide to help remember the importance of temperature awarness.  "The SwaddleDesigns Goldilocks Guide ~ baby should be dressed appropriately for the current temperature of their environment -  not too hot, not too cold, but comfortably warm.”

SwaddleDesigns is going to give one of our lucky readers an Ultimate Receiving Blanket of their choice.

To Enter:
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One Day - One Lunch

I got this post from My Redburn Journal.  This is a very touching matter and I wanted to share it with you.  I'm giving my "lunch money" today, will you?

"A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor" Proverbs 22:9
Every 5 seconds a child dies of starvation.
And the truth is this, most days; this never even crosses our minds.
Perhaps that is because with a number like this- we don’t even know where to begin.
But what if you knew where to begin? What if you knew what to do to make a difference?
And what if that difference simply started with your lunch?
What if all it took was One day and One lunch- to make a huge difference in the life of a child?
What if all you had to do was simply give what you would have spent in one day for one lunch?
If you are reading this today- yes YOU… I’d like to ask you to be a part of something big. God usually preferred to work through people- people like you and people like me. You have two choices right now-you can click off this page and pretend you didn’t read this and go on with your everyday life- or you can choose to see that God brought YOU here- to read this- for a purpose- to be a part of something big.
Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to do something you can’t- I am asking you to do something you can. The average American spends between $2.00 and $8.00 a day on lunch. If everyone who reads this blog post would simple choose- on February 3rd(TODAY) to give up their ‘lunch money’ and then donate what they would have spent on lunch that day to Lifesong For Orphans for the Adami Tulu preschool in Ziway, Ethiopia. Can you image what Jesus could do? A mere $3.00 feeds a child for ONE MONTH.

Can you imagine the impact we could make- simply by giving being willing to make a small sacrifice for someone else?

So mark your calendar for Feb. 3rd(TODAY) and spread the word about theOne Day- One Lunch Project. Put it on FB, add it to your blog- ask your friends, coworkers and church family to join in. Let’s make a small sacrifice- to make one big difference.

Donations can be given online here:http://www.lifesongfororphans.org/donation.html please indicate it’s to go to the Adami Tulu Preschool.
Or mail checks to:
Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 40
Gridley, IL 61744
Indicate for the Adami Tulu Preschool
(The One Day – One Lunch Project was started by Addisyn and her family. You can learn more about them and the amazing journey God has put them on here!)