Heelys Review

Remember when we were kids and Heelys first came out?  We ALL wanted a pair even if we didn't admit it.  Well my grandma would always tell me no every time I asked.  She said I'd break my ankle or fall and hurt myself somehow.  I would argue and argue with her about how that wouldn't happen and I'd be responsible with them.  Well I was wrong! I almost fell on my butt just talking across the living room on carpet.  I didn't even attempt an non carpeted surface for fear of my tail bone throbbing for the next 3 days.
Sadly this is 1 of 2 pictures of me wearing the Heelys and I'm sitting down in both.

If you don't know what Heelys are they are sturdy shoes with non-marking soles that have a place for wheels on the back of the shoe.  You can choose to have the wheels in the shoes to skate around on a flat clean surface.  Or, you can take the wheels out and cover the wheel wells with the covers provided and you have a stylish shoe to wear anywhere you go.
Heelys has lots of great resources on their site on how to use the shoes and how to be safe about it.  
Look and see if Heelys are for you.  Or for your children.  They're just not for me because I'm not so graceful or balanced.  Don't you hate it when you realize years later that something your grandparents/parents told you was right even though at the time you insisted you were wrong?
and here's the other one...

If you are looking to buy Heelys they have having a Black Friday special from November 25th to 28th.  If you buy a pair of Heelys or the Nano you get a pair of Heelys Shoes for $25 with free ground shipping on all orders.
I received a pair of Heelys to review for this post.  I was in no other way compensated.


  1. How brave! I would be too afraid to put them on ; )

  2. i think that heelys are stylish


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