We had ICE CREAM for Lunch!!!

We really did.  My 2 year old and I ate Ice Cream for lunch today.  It was very yummy!  It was also SUPER healthy.

Yesterday while at my Mother-In-Law's house I watched the Food Network while the girls were napping.  I think the Food Network is the best channel out there!  If we had cable it would be on at my house ALL DAY.  While watching the Food Network I think the show 5 Ingredients or Less came on.  She said she was going to make Banana Ice Cream.  The catch was, she was using ONLY bananas.  I was quite intrigued.  I watched and she did it!  It was the creamiest looking ice cream I had ever seen.  I had to try it.   And now I HAVE to share it.

Take some bananas, cut them into chunks.  It doesn't matter what size chunks or how many bananas.  Stick the chunks on a cookie sheet or in a plastic container or whatever in 1 layer in the freezer.  Let them stay in there until they're frozen.  I put my bananas in the freezer last night.  When you're ready for the ice cream take the bananas out of the freezer, put them in the food processor, turn it on and you have ICE CREAM.  You may have to let some air into the food processor.  I did for mine.  The lady on tv didn't.  You can add in anything you'd like.  Just stick it in the food processor with your bananas and blend it.  We added in peanut butter.  The lady on tv added peanut butter and honey.  Next time we're going to add in chocolate syrup.  That won't be as healthy but it should be yummy!

The great thing about this recipe, aside from the fact that it's super healthy and fills your ice cream craving without filling your thighs, is that your toddler can help you make it from start to finish.  Bananas are so easy to cut your child can cut them with a butter knife.  Madelynn loved turning the food processor on and off.  And she really loved that she was eating ice cream for lunch!  I've been craving ice cream for a few weeks now but can't eat it because Hayleigh has a milk sensitivity right now.  If I have any dairy products it really bothers her stomach.  I'm excited that I have found a yummy alternative.  It's so smooth and creamy.  You really can't tell that you're not eating real ice cream.
So go freeze some bananas and serve your kids some ice cream for lunch tomorrow.  You're sure to get big smiles!


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