You know you're 36+ weeks pregnant when...

You know you're 36+ weeks pregnant when...
-you no longer walk, you waddle.
-you're out of breath and completely exhausted when all you did was walk up the steps.
-you wonder if your water can break if you sneeze to hard.
-you do sneeze and feel a leak.  You first think to yourself, "did my water just break?!".  Then you realize, "Nope, I just peed my pants."
-you can barely reach the stove to cook dinner.
-you never want to cook dinner.
-all you want to eat for dinner or any other meal for that matter is brownies or watermelon.
-you can drink gallons upon gallons of water and still be thirsty.
-all that water you just drank because you were dieing of thirst gave you heartburn.
-you have to sit to put on pants.
-you're out of breath after getting dressed.
-you can no longer wear tennis shoes because your feet are either to swollen to fit into them or you can't reach your feet to get them on or tied.
-you get a sudden craving for a food/drink and you feel like you might die if you don't get it RIGHT NOW!
-you don't get out of your pjs unless you have to leave the house or there's someone coming over.

If you have anything else to add please do!  I could go on and on but I figured I should stop before I embarrass myself. lol!


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