If your kids ever drive you COMPLETELY crazy...

I found THIS SITE this morning.  It's definitely therapy for when your children drive you ABSOLUTELY NUTS or you're thinking to yourself, "How can this get any worse?!".  Just visit THIS SITE and see some of the things other people's kids have ruined or messed up or made a mess of.  This totally makes Madelynn's episode of swallowing a small mystery item(which I'm pretty sure is one of the pegs that used to hold our tv stand shelf up) and her "mountain" of dishwasher detergent yesterday not so bad.  I don't really like the site's name.  I think it could have a more appropriate name.  And some of the posts title's aren't the best language. So it's definitely something to read/look at when your children are in time out or sleeping.  Besides, you don't want your kids getting anymore ideas!


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  1. I would have to agree with you about the name of the site. But I do remember some messes when I wanted to add to the mess and punch a whole in the wall.. But we learn to get thru and go on and remember that it is just stuff. Thanks Eliza!


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