My Girly Girl Needs a Dinosaur Shirt

I feel kinda silly for writing this post but I have a real need. lol.
My daughter is now loves to "lay i-yours" aka, play dinosaurs.  She's so girly.  I would love to somehow find her a girly dinosaur shirt.  OR get suggestions on how to make her one.  The catch is, I need it by Wednesday.  I'm a weird mom and I like to dress my child in themed outfits sometimes.  Wednesday we are going to "lay i-yours wih Uh-uck Lie."  My brother Eli volunteers at the St. Louis Science Center in the dinosaur section.  Madelynn is really excited to go.  I only told her about it once a week and a half ago and she keeps reminding me about it.
So if there's anyone out there that has an Etsy shop or something and would love a little girl to review your darling girlish dinosaur shirts that no one knows are out there I would love to!  Or, anyone else that knows where to find one or tips on making them, I NEED YOUR HELP!

Thanks, and hopefully you guys don't think I'm to strange. lol.