The winner of the Doopsy SD diaper giveaway is #6, Kari

The winner of the DyPeas diaper giveaway is #29, Tara

Congratulations ladies.  I will be contacting you soon for your information.

There will be more giveaways up next week.  Sorry it's been so lazy around here.  I moved and Nicole has been on an extended leave.  I am adjusted now so I will be posting more.  Nicole is also back.  She may not post as much as she used to but she'll be around.  The rest of September and October will be slow with small giveaways.  But in November we will have a Guidecraft giveaway.  So start referring friends so you can get extra entries to that.


DyPeas Diaper Review and Giveaway

DyPeas is a diaper shop on Etsy run my a Mommy of 2 boys.  She has always used some for of cloth on her sons and finally decided to design her own diaper.  That desire resulted in DyPeas.  The name came from the way her son says diaper.  I love it when Mommies include their children as much as they can in their work.
We received both the Pocket DyPeas and the Snap DyPeas for review.
When I opened the package I was in love with the fabric.  Millie and I had talked a few times but I never told her what kind of fabric I liked.  She sent me the perfect designs.  Her colors and patters are all vibrant and beautiful.  They are completely unique from any other fabric patterns I have ever seen on a diaper.  When I actually got to looking at the diapers the quality of the workmanship on them is awesome.  Everything was where it should be and didn't look like it was going to fall apart.  I was a little skeptical about the rise of the diapers when I was just looking at them.  It seemed really short to me.
Snap DyPeas

I know you're supposed to wash diapers before you put them on your child.  But I wanted to try the diapers on her right away.  So I did.  She wasn't going to pee in them while I was just seeing how they looked.  I first put on the DyPeas Pocket Diaper.  I love the fit in the butt of this diaper.  It's not to bulky or saggy.  Around the legs seemed tight on my daughter for the waist setting I had to have it on.  For this diaper she has to wear the second to last snap setting.  That's unusual for her in a medium diaper.  Normally she wears her snaps on the first or second smallest snap settings.  This one was almost all the way open.  I was right on the rise.  It's to short for Madelynn.  My daughter is tall.  She's 1/2 an inch from 3 foot.  So a higher rise is important with her.  I had my doubts about how well the diaper would hold in urine with a rise that low.
Pocket DyPeas
Much to my surprise the diaper holds in the urine really well.  If you've read any of the other reviews you know my daughter is a heavy wetter even at nap time.  I decided the first time to test the diaper was at nap time.  It held up.  There were no leaks.  She took a 2 hour nap and then wore it for an hour after that.  It didn't leak at all.  The next day when I tested the DyPeas Snap diaper that didn't leak either.
I was also alittle skeptical about the diaper holding its size after washing because the outside fabric is cotton.  The shape and size stayed the same.  There was no damage or anything to the diaper after washing it.  They are really easy to wash.  You just shake the insert into the washer for the pocket diaper and unsnap the insert for the snap diaper.  Then just wash with all of your other diapers.

Overall I would reccomend this diaper if your babies are small.  I don't know how well they'd fit a chunkier baby because the leg holes were a little tight on Madelynn.

Millie over at DyPeas is going to give one of you a chance to win one a DyPeas Pocket diaper to try for yourself.

To Enter: Visit and Like DyPeas(MilliLee Designs) on Facebook and tell them In the Mommy Business sent you.  Come back here and let us know you did so.  For your entry to be valid and counted in the giveaway you must follow In the Mommy Business on Google Friend Connect or through Email Subscription.  They are both on the left sidebar.

This giveaway will end September 24th.

Doopsy Diaper Review and Giveaway

Doopsy Diapers look like ordinary one size pocket cloth diapers from the outside.  But when you look on the inside they are very different.  Doopsy Diapers have a very different take on inserts.  They are very hard to explain.  You have to see a picture or video to fully understand.  The insert looks kinda like a long tube sock with a bamboo cloth pad that you're supposed to shove inside of it somehow.
Doopsy Insert unfolded.
With the tube sock part you can either fold it in half and stuff it in the diaper or stuff it inside of itself(that's the confusing part) then place the bamboo hemp piece on the inside for extra absorbency.
Doopsy Insert folded inside of itself.
The back side of the tube sock part has a pul layer.  I've had inserts before with the PUL on one side.  They're usually no good.  You can't get everything washed out of them and they never dry.  But with the Doopsy Insert because it pulls out like it does everything comes clean and it dries faster than any of the other inserts I have.
Doopsy Diapers have great absorbency.  I haven't tested it over night yet but during the day my daughter can go in it for 4-5 hours if we're out with no leaks.  Her skin doesn't get irritated either when she's in it for that long.  So the fleece inside does an amazing job of wicking away the moistrure from her skin.
I love the shape of the Doopsy Diapers.  It contors to your baby no matter what rise it's on.  Also there are plenty of snaps to size the diaper in the waist.  Madelynn wears the diaper on the largest rise with the second smallest waist setting.
Doopsy Diapers are trim.  She wore it with jeans on the other day and you couldn't tell she had a cloth diaper on under them.  Well, except for the bright orange the peaked out of the top of her jeans.

Doopsy has a selection of 5 very bright gender neutral colors.  The workmanship on the diapers is very high quality.  There are no defects.  The snaps are fairly strong.  My 20 month old can't get them open.  That is a task she is mastering with some of her other diapers.

Doopsy is sponsoring a giveaway for one of you to get the chance to try their awesome Doopsy "SD" diapers.

To Enter:  Visit and Liked Doopsy on facebook and tell them that In the Mommy Business sent you.  Come back here and leave us a comment on this post letting us know that you did so.  For your entry to be valid and count in the giveaway you must follow In the Mommy Business through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.  They are both on the left sidebar.

This giveaway will end September 24th.



Sorry I haven't been here.  We were moving.  Here are the winners for the DeebleDdo giveaway and the Mother-Ease giveaway.  I will finish the cloth giveaways starting Monday, September 13th.  I am going to try to get it all into that week so there will most likely be more than one on a day.

deebleDdo winner is #1 Amy Matthews
Mother-Ease winner is #27 Amanda Sikes

Congratulations ladies.


Blossom Pads Giveaway Winner

The Blossom Pads Giveaway Winner is:

Kirsten said...

I really like the Aqua Ooga, so cute! The starburst is pretty too. Subscribe via email and follow on GFC.
kirsten.jason.2010 at gmail dot com

Congratulations.  I will be contacting all winners shortly.


Mother-Ease Diapers Review and Giveaway

Mother-Ease started almost 10 years ago by a Mommy that used cloth and was in desperate need to find something easier than prefolds and rubber pants.  Their first diaper was the All-in-One.  That is the diaper Mother-Ease sent us to review.

When I opened the package I was kinda shocked.  It was a big poofy diaper that I didn't think would fit my daughter at all.  The craftsmanship was nice.  It's all put together very well.  It just looks really big.
I put the All-in-One on my daughter and much to my surprise it fit her really well.  The sizing snaps on the side made it fit perfectly.  It wasn't a big poofy diaper like I thought it would be.  It's not exactly the trimmest diaper out there but it's not the biggest either.  I actually kinda liked it after I had it on her.  It's what I used to think fluffy butts would look like.  Before I actually had a kid and knew real life people who cloth diapered.

The All-in-One diaper inside is made of lots of layers of knit cotton terry.  It's actually pretty absorbent.  The first time I changed Madelynn's diaper after using it I was a little confused.  With any other diaper I can't see the color of the pee.  But this this diaper the inside that had her pee on it was yellow.  I'm thinking it's because the cotton terry doesn't have very good wicking abilities.  I definitely would use a liner with them if your baby is prone to irritation from urine sitting on them for any amount of time.  I have used it several times and it doesn't leak after a 3-4 hour period though.  So it is absorbent.
The first initial before I used the diaper wash I used a washing machine and line dried it for a few hours then finished off the drying in the dryer.  It did fine, looked the same and dried completely.  The second time I washed it I washed it by hand.  I wrung all of the water out of it I could.  Then I hung it to dry outside in the direct sun for 8 hours.  It didn't dry.  I brought it back inside and hung it in my bathroom with the fan on.  It took well over 24 hours for it to dry.  I don't know if I did something wrong or if wringing it out by hand doesn't get enough of the liquid out of it but this definitely isn't a diaper for hand washing.

So if you have a baby with easily irritated skin or you don't have access to a washer and dryer this probably isn't the diaper for you.  But if you try it or have tried it and figure out that I'm doing something wrong please let me know.  I really want to like this diaper.

Mother-Ease has offered to do a giveaway of one All-In-One diaper.

To Enter:  Like Mother-Ease on facebook and let them know something you like about their diapers or their company.  Come back here and tell us you did so.  As always for your entry to be valid and for you to be able to win you must follow In the Mommy Business(this blog) through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.  Both of them are on the left sidebar.

This giveaway will end on or around September 8th.  I'm moving so it make take me a few more days to get to it.

Prairie Tales Cloth Diaper Winner.

The Prairie Tales Cloth Diaper Winner is:

Diaper Dad said... 24
Liked Prairie Tales on FB and left a note about our diaper experience.
I follow you on GFC and email.
diaperdadjames at gmail dot com
August 29, 2010 6:31 AM

Congratulations.  I will be contacting you by the end of the week.

There are more great cloth giveaways coming soon.