Sorry I'm a Sleepy Slacker

Sorry Mommies.  I'm a sleepy slacker this evening.  I've been packing all day and stayed up way to late last night because I drank way to much Dr. Pepper to get  me through yesterday.  I keep trying to write the cloth reviews and giveaways that you're so eagerly waiting for.  I just can't today.  I'm fallin asleep at the wheel.  I just can't post reviews that I've fallen asleep while writing.  It's not fair to the retailers.  I want to give them the best review possible, be it good or bad(um...that makes sense right?).  I know some of you are thinking to yourselves, "well she should have wrote them ahead of time".  You know what?  You're totally right!  I should have.  But I thought that it would be ok cause I thought I had time.  But you know, in the Mommy world, you never have the time you think you do.  There's always a diaper to be changed, a nose to be wiped, tears to be comforted, dishes to be done, floors to be vacuumed or mopped, baths to be given, hair to be brushed, food to be made, boxes to be packed(well maybe not always), and all of the love that you can give to your child in one day.  Sometimes that stuff comes before blogging.  And today.  That's what happened.  So I'm sorry.  I'm not gonna promise you 2 giveaways tomorrow.  I will only promise you 1.  But I will try for 2.  We'll see how tired baby sittin, cleaning my kitchen, and packin dishes makes me.  See you tomorrow.  Who knows what time though.

P.S. If you are a regular around here and you couldn't tell.  Nicole is taking an extended break.  She doesn't really know when she's coming back.  She's got family issues, healthy issues, and just plain old bein pregnant issues.  So she'll eventually be back, even if it takes her as long as until February when that baby's comin.  If you could say a prayer for her and her family we would appreciate it.  Thanks!


Diapeze Cloth Diaper Giveaway.

The Diapeze Giveaway Winner is,

Amanda Sikes said...

Visited on facebook and told about my first cloth diapers!

Congratulations.  I will contact you by the end of the day.
Remember there are more giveaways coming this week.  I may not get things posted until later in the evening but I promise there will be a giveaway posted every day.


deebleDdo Fleece Diaper Cover Review and Giveaway

deebleDdo is an Etsy shop run by a mother of 4, none of them are of diapering age. They are 20(he's in the marines), 18, 12, and 7.  So it's been some years since she's actually diapered a baby.  Along with their 4 children her and her husband also foster children(super cool in my book).  She started cloth diapering with her first child in 1990.  She started because her mother bought her a few months of diaper service.  That's something you don't really hear of anymore.  Her use of cloth went from that diaper service to altering prefolds and making her own covers.  She started her shop in 2003.  She makes fleece diaper covers, pillowcase dresses with matching pocket diapers, and custom embroidered covers.

We received a fleece diaper cover to review.  The quality of the cover is awesome.  You can tell she's been making them for years.  The fleece is soft and bright.  There are lots of rows of snaps so the cover will fit for a long time.  They are very strong snaps.  I also like how the tabs are on the inside so that it's not so easy for your kid to take their diaper off at night.

The fleece doesn't loose its shape or shrink when it's washed, even if you hand wash it.  It takes alittle longer to dry than some of my inserts but that's only because it holds SO MUCH liquid.
It fits my daughter wonderfully.  I do have to snap it on the tightest snaps so it wouldn't fit a baby much smaller than her.  It isn't super bulky but it isn't trim either.  It's definitely my favorite kind of fluffy butt.  Soft and squishy.  It looks so comfortable.  I would want to wear one.

If you've read any of my other reviews you know my daughter is a heavy night wetter.  This is my favorite overnight diaper.  It is so awesome.  I put an insert and a doubler inside of it and it holds liquid ALL NIGHT. I can even forget to change my daughter right when she wakes up and there's still no leaks.  I haven't tried it with just the one insert yet because I don't like cleaning up a wet bed first thing in the morning.  But I'm sure it would hold up.
I really like these covers.  I would definitely recommend them for overnight use over anything else hands down.  I don't know about using them during the daytime in the summer.  It seems like they would be really hot.  But if my daughter is still in diapers during the day in the winter you bet I'll be using these.

deebleDdo is generously giving away one of their fleece covers.

To Enter: Follow deebleDdo on facebook OR their blog, and let them know we sent you.  Come back here and leave us a comment letting us know which one you did(you can do both but you will only get one entry for it).  Like all of our other giveaways for your entry to be valid you must follow In the Mommy Business through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.  They are both on the left sidebar.

This Giveaway will end September 6th.

Thirsties Duo Diaper Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Thirsties Duo Diaper Giveaway is:

Anonymous said...12

I liked thirsties on facebook and left a comment that you sent me. I follow your blog with google friend connect


I will be emailing you shortly.
Please don't forget to check out our other great giveaways we have going.  I'm posting more this week.


Blossom Pads Review and Giveaway

Tonight we are bringin you Mama Cloth.

I received a Long Velor and Cotton Blossom Pad to review.  The pad looks really cute.  I know that sounds weird right?  A cute pad? Ok.
Let me tell you a breakdown of what they're made of before we get into what I think about them.  You know, just in case no one has any clue about cloth pads.
Blossom Pads have a print body(the bottom), with a colorful velour pad top, a core of cotton, fleece backing, adjustable poly resin snaps, and an optional hidden layer of PUL(which I didn't get).

I really like the feel of the velor.  It's nice and soft.  The patterns they have to choose from are very cute.
The snaps are nice.  They are sturdy snaps and have 2 for adjustments.
The Blossom Pad fits nicely.  It's comfortable and doesn't make you feel like you're wearing a diaper.  It does slide around alittle.  Even when I had it on the tightest snap it still moved some.  It holds up really well to hand washing and drying.  There's no stretching and it doesn't become a funky shape after being wrung out.  The pad was very absorbent.  I had it on for 3 hours with no leaking.  That's about the same amount of time I would wear a disposable pad for and I sometimes have leaking with them.

Blossom Pads is donating a 3 pack of 8" Velor Topped Pads for a giveaway.  These pads are great for panty liners or light days.

They are also offering all readers a 15% off discount on all orders to Blossom Pads from today until September 24th.  Just use the code "IMB15"

To Enter the Giveaway:  Visit Blossom Pads, have a look around and leave a comment here to tell me what your favorite fabric is on their site.  As with all giveaways for your entry to be valid you must be a follower of In the Mommy Business either through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.

This giveaway ends September 3rd.


Oops. It was a busy day.

Sorry we didn't have a Cloth Review or Giveaway today!  We will have 2 tomorrow.
See you bright and early!


Prairie Tales Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

Prairie Tales is a Cloth Diapering company run by a Mommy in Kansas.  They are very concerned with the state of our Earth and all of the pollution in the land fills.  I got a chance to exchange some information and short conversations with Loralee.  She is very nice and has lots of cloth diapering wisdom.
Ignore the crazy hair. She just woke up from a nap

We were sent a Royal Purple Prairie Tales cloth diaper to review.  When I opened the package I fell in love.  The color is so beautiful.  I looked over the diaper.  I found no flaws.  I love the back flap over the insert hole.  No insert is gonna peak out of that diaper.  I also like the way the insert is shaped.  It's wider in the front.  It's good for children that sleep on their stomachs.  The snaps are good snaps.  They hold strong.  They have lots of other rare colors like Lime Green and Chocolate Chip.
It's snapped to tight in these pictures, that's why the underneath looks funny.

Washing is really easy as with all pocket diaper.  Just pull out the insert and throw it in the washer.  It holds up in the washer.  Both the diaper and insert hold the same shape.  When washing it by hand it is really easy to get poop out.  Just run it under the water and it comes off.  There is no scrubbing involved.  It's awesome!
That line is not from this diaper, it's from a different one.  She is trying to take it off because I asked her to show me her butt not because she doesn't like it.

The diaper fits my daughter really well.  It is contorted around the legs.  That means no fluffy butt waddle.  For babies that learned how to walk in cloth that might not matter but I only recently started using cloth so she learned how to walk in disposables.  Even with a doubler in there she doesn't waddle.  The snaps hold tight.  She isn't able to undo them.  It's a medium and my daughter is snapped on the second set of snaps.  She's got aways to go before she grows out of it.  They are trim.  Under clothes you can't tell the difference between these and disposables.
can you say flat butt?

My daughter wore it for 4+ hours the first time she wore it.  I know, that's way longer than she should have.  We had to run errands and I forgot she had cloth on.  There were no leaks.  I then tested it out at night.  It did leak with just one insert as most all diapers do.  But with a doubler it didn't leak overnight until I didn't change her right away after she woke up.

I really like these diapers.  They are great if you're going from disposables to cloth.  They're easy to use.  You can't tell under clothes that they're cloth.  And Loralee is a great person to work with.

Prairie Tales is generously giving a solid color Prairie Tales cloth diaper away.

To Enter: Visit Prairie Tales faceook page.  Like them and leave a comment on their facebook page letting them know what you love about your cloth diapers and what was the first diaper you ever bought/received.  Come back here and let us know you did this.
As with all giveaways you are required to follow In the Mommy Business through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription for you entry to be valid.  They're on the left sidebar.

This giveaway will end September 1st.


Diapeze Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

Diapeze Cloth Diapers and Training pants are custom made to your style.  There is no limit to the fabric or pattern options you have.  If you want it and can find it, Kristen will make it.  She has now added the option of velcro or snaps.  You used to only be able to have velcro.

We received a large Diapeze in this really fun blue spotted fabric.  At first I didn't think there was a waterproof layer on the cover part at all.  Then I realized it was on the inside.  I really like how the front flap that holds the insert has PUL on the inside of it to prevent leaks out of the top of the diaper.  The velcro holds really well.  So well infact that when I opened the diaper one of the corners on the velcro started to pull up.  I think it was a rare chance happening.  The insert is interesting.  It's like a normal insert you'd find with other cloth diapers but on the back there is a layer of PUL for extra leak prevention.
on a 26lb 19 month old

The washing instructions said to wash it 6 times for maximum absorption.  I'm not gonna lie I didn't wash it 6 times.  I think I washed it twice.  When I got it out of the washer the part of the velcro that started to pull up was worse.  Like half of it was now detatched.  The insert was no longer perfectly flat.  The layers inside were all bunched up.  I tried to straighten them out but I never completely could get them all straight.  Kristen told me that she has fixed the bunching problem now.  It would happen to other people occasionally so she has started quilting them to prevent it.  Other than that the diaper held up nicely in the first washes.  It's really easy to hand wash the cover.  I don't know so much about the insert.  I always worry that I'm not able to rinse everything out because of that PUL on the back.  Then when I hang the insert to dry it doesn't dry in the same amount of time as the other inserts I have because it seems like the PUL doesn't allow for enough air circulation.

The fit is really nice.  I love the way it fits my daughter.  Even when the Diapeze insert is dirty I'll put some other insert in there because the fit is so trim and the pattern is so cute.   We also had a diaper tryin on party for this diaper.  Diapeze site says that the Large diaper fits 20-30lbs.  Well, we tried it on 26-49lb children and it fit all of them wonderfully.  I just can't say enough how much I like the fit around the legs and the trimness of the diaper.
On a 40lb 4 year old


Despite the fact that the insert bunched up in the washer and I couldn't get it undone, that didn't effect the absorbancy at all.  My daughter wore the diaper for 3ish hours and there were no leaks.  Then she wore it at nap time(2 hours) and then for about an hour after that.  The only signs I saw of it maybe starting to leak was one of the leg holes was alittle wet.  With just the Diapeze insert it doesn't hold up at night.  But for just day time diaper use it works really well.

Diapeze is generously donating a Diapeze diaper or Traineze training pants to giveaway to one of you.

To Enter: Visit Diapeze facebook page.  You have to like them then head over to their discussion board and under the Diapeze Giveaway on In the Mommy Business discussion leave a comment telling Diapeze what the first color cloth diaper you ever bought was or why you want to start cloth diapering.  Come back here, let us know that you did it.
As always, for you entry to be valid you must follow In the Mommy Business through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.  They are on the left side bar.

Good Luck.  This giveaway ends August 31st.


Thirsties Duo Diaper Review and Giveaway

"Thirsties is a small (but growing!) cloth diaper company committed to greener parenting and Eco Friendly solutions, not to mention 100% USA Made quality! Erin, founder of Thirsties, started this business with an old sewing machine and $100 5 years ago. Through her hard work and diligence, the company is now one of the leaders in the cloth diaper industry. Our diapers are now made by work at home mothers, and very close to our warehouse, reducing our carbon output. Our customer service reps are experienced cloth diapering moms, and offer our knowledge to our retailers and customers alike."

We received the Thirsties Duo Diaper in Alice Brights to review.  It is such a beautiful pattern.  All of their colors and patterns are bright and beautiful.  The diaper is put together nicely.  It has a shape that contors to you baby's body.   I like the leg gussets on Thirsties diapers.  It holds things in that you don't want coming out.  The velcro holds very well.  Overall this diaper looks really good and has awesome workmanship.
I wash my diapers every other dayish.  They get washed at least twice a week by hand and then once a week in the washing machine.  Thirsties Duo Diaper is a pocket diaper.  But unlike most, if not all other, pocket diapers there is an opening in the back AND in the front.  So when you're just washing your diapers in the washing machine you don't have to take the insert out of the diaper at all.  It just comes out in the wash. But when I'm washing them by hand an extra access point makes it really nice for having to remove an insert from a poopy diaper.  The insert has 2 parts to it.  The top layer is microfleece and microfiber terry, the bottom layer is hemp jersey.  They snap together so that drying time is faster.  The Thirsties Duo Diaper also has laundry tabs.  The laundry tabs work most of the time.  Sometimes the diaper comes out with an insert or 2 attatched to it.  But for the most part washing is really easy for any washing situation.
Thirsties Duo Diaper fits every size child you could think of.  They have 2 sizes.  We received the size 2 diaper.  My daughter is 19 months old and 26lbs.  It fits her nicely on the middle rise snaps.  I could probably even get it to fit her on the bottom rise snaps.  It isn't to bulky or to saggy.  When I have 2 inserts in it at night it doesn't even look that big.  We had a diaper tryin on party to test the limits.  It fits lots of sizes.  A 35lb 2 year old, a 40lb 4 year old, and a 49lb 5 year old.  And it fist them comfortably.  It didn't leave any red lines on anyones skin like some elastic does.  It has a very good fit.
On a 5 year old
on a 19 month old
Now for the part we all care the most about.  Absorbency.  If you're using it as just a day time diaper then the absorbency is perfect.  My daughter wore it for a 3 to 4 hour time period with no leaks.  She wore it through a 2 hour nap plus an hour before that with no leaks and she's a heavy wetter when she sleeps.  Disposables don't hold up to her naps most times.  At night without a doubler it doesn't hold up at all.  But at night with a doubler it's good for about 10 hours.  But if she sleeps any more that that she wakes up soaked.  So if your kid doesn't pee as much as mine does at night then it should be perfect.

I like the Thirsties Duo Diaper overall.  I would definitely buy some more if I had $18 to $19 to spend on 1 diaper.  I think that would be the only downfall I see to these diapers.  Is the price.  But for what you're getting I guess it's not so bad.  If you'd like a catalog with all Thirsties information in it so you don't have to sit on the computer to read it you can request one HERE.

Thirsties has offered 1 Duo Diaper in Alice Brights or Black Bird as a giveaway.

To Enter:  Like Thirsties on Facebook and tell them In the Mommy Business sent you.  Then leave us a comment on this post letting us know you did it.  As always for your entry to be valid we need you to follow In the Mommy Business through either Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.  They're both on the left sidebar.
The only way you are allowed to post extra entries on any giveaway is if I email you and tell you have have extra entries.  So if you have received an email then you do not have any.

This giveaway will end on August 30th.  It is open to residents of the US and Canada only.

I apologize for the weird and random font issues on this post.  I really don't know what's going on and can't fix it.

Modest Apparel and Head Coverings Giveaway Winners.

Purely Modest Apron Giveaway Winner is #14

Amber D. said...14

I like the tropical breeze #6! I am a new follower!

Modest Apparel USA Giveaway Winner is #9

Amanda Sikes said...9

I love the black twill tiered prarie skirt! And its on sale right now!

I subscribe via GFC

Happy Homestead Headband Giveaway Winner is #9

Tara said...9

follow. I like the Abigail 3" wide lacy headband - cappucino.

Congratulations Ladies.  Amy will be contacting you shortly.


CLOTH WEEK Aug.23-27 and Aug.30-Sept.3

Hello Dear Readers.
This is just a quick reminder that we are having a Cloth Review and Giveaway Week.  Originally it was only going to run from August 23rd to 27th.  But because there have been so many wonderful retailers that want to participate we are now running it from August 23rd to 27th and August 30th to September 3rd.  2 whole weeks of cloth!  We will be reviewing and giving away Cloth Diapers and Mama Cloth.
Here is a list of the retailers participating if you'd like to check them out before hand.  I haven't received all the product from them yet so this list may lose some names.  This list could also add some names since it seems like more comanies are interested everyday.  They are in no order.
-The Paisley Jellybean
-Charlie Banana
-Beautifully Created Boutique
-Prairie Tales
-Dream Makers Design

You can check out THIS POST to find out ways to get extra entries to the giveaways.  You can also receive extra entries to the giveaways by referring friends.

See you next Monday!


Happy Homestead Guest Review and Headband Giveaway

Hi, I’m Amy from Life as it has been given me thank you for joining me this week for my Modest Apparel Giveaway Series, it has been a joy, I hope you were blessed by it and found some great shops and maybe even win something!

Fourth in the Modest Apparel Giveaway Series is:

hhHappy Homestead is an Etsy boutique that specializes in head coverings and hair accessories. They make quality headbands, convertible coverings, bobby pin sets, veils and bandanas. They have ladies and girls sizes. They have plain or fancy head coverings, headbands and more. You don’t have to be a woman who wears head coverings to enjoy these great hair accessories.hhh

I just adore Melissa who runs Happy Homestead, she has been a joy to work with. She recently found out that she is expecting, congratulations Melissa! Happy Homestead  has several in-stock items that are ready and she is still taking limited custom orders.

I am new to the head covering scene so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received my package from Happy Homestead but I was more than pleased. In addition to the great items I had to review she sent samples of more fabrics she thought I would like, and boy was she right! I loved them.

After having reviewed several items from Happy Homestead I am confident to say they are fantastic quality and functionality and their prints are some of my favorites. I was sent a veil, a convertible covering, a set of bobby pins and a stretchy lace headband. All of which I found fabulous, really, I am not just saying that. I do adore each of these.






Their convertible coverings (pictured above) can be gathered or folded to become a headband of whatever width you prefer or worn all the way open as pictured. They are made with great quality fabric and craftsmanship or seamstress-ship or whatever that would be called. I was so impressed with it that I am actually ordering a few more. I love the versatility of these. The way the fabric is gathered and sewn makes them very durable as well comfortable. They are not too heavy or too light. Mine stay in place without any pins.

The veils that Happy Homestead provides are available in different hhvlengths. They tie and have a little metal snap too, very useful. That  helps keep it a little closer or tighter around your hair if you like. It’s great when I want to keep my hair down and still have it back out of the way. The veil also has the gathered and sewn feature at the tie which allows more for flexibility. I like mine very much and so does my daughter. I liked the big printed fabric but you can choose something more plain or toned down.

The stretchy lace headband might be my favorite. It simply snaps hhslmclosed with no tying. I wear it often. It is both dressy and casual enough for me so I can pretty much wear it with anything. I am ordered more in other colors, then I will pretty much wear them with everything! I have the mocha (pictured) but there are several other colors ready to be shipped just waiting for you. These headbands can be worn wide as shown or can be folded under to whatever length you desire. They also come in child’s or adult sizes and in two different widths.

The bobby pins that I reviewed (pictured) are perfect for my Rylin’s HPIM8987hair. She enjoys wearing them and they are simple enough to stick in her hair, which means I can spend less time on her hair while still making it look pretty. I am all for that on a busy morning! Happy Homestead has many different bobby pins from antiqued buttons to lady bugs. 

facebook_logosmallYou can see Happy Homestead’s selection of fabric HERE. You can also find them on Facebook!  Watch their shop for sales!

Overall I would recommend Happy Homestead to anyone and everyone seeking a great shop for hair accessories and head coverings!

Happy Homestead is giving away one stretchy lace headband of your choice to one reader! To enter you must be a follower of In the Mommy Business by Google Friend Connect or by email subscription and check out Happy Homestead to see which size, width and color headband is your favorite and leave a comment letting us know, don’t forget your email address in the comment.

Giveaway ends Aug.23.


Modest Apparel USA Guest Review and Giveaway

Hi, I’m Amy from Life as it has been given me I am guest reviewing here at In the Mommy Business today and for the rest of my Modest Apparel Giveaway Series this week.

Third in our Modest Apparel and Head Covering review week is:


Modest Apparel USA is an online store offering so many modest apparel options. They have skorts, culottes, school uniforms, maternity and nursing, sleepwear, undergarments, and skirts, dresses, jumpers and tops for women and girls. They have prairie skirts and knee length skirts and A line skirts and prints too. I would dare to say that if you are looking for a modest skirt, they probably have it! I had been on the hunt for a great long denim skirt and this is where I found it, not only for myself but for both of my daughters!

I spoke with Laurie at Modest Apparel USA. She was helpful and polite. My skirts were made and sent out while I eagerly awaited them. The day they came in I instantly dressed all of us in our new skirts and went out. Maybe its corny to dress in matching skirts, maybe its not, but either way it sure is fun :)

mauwds  We ordered the Western Denim Skirt. It is elastic in the back of the waist and it is the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn! I used to be strictly a jean and t-shirt kind of girl. I was always pulling up my jeans after I stood up. Since I got this skirt I have been converted! I am now a denim skirt kind of girl. I never have to pull up my skirt after sitting, it is just amazingly comfortable and modest at the same time plus it looks great. I couldn’t ask for more in a skirt. I would buy a dozen if I could. I have been very happy with mine and with the girls too.

In a devastating turn of events I got six very large bleach spots on my beautiful favorite skirt. Gasp. I know, it was tragic. I had to remove the original color and dye it again and it just doesn’t look the same but it is still more comfortable than ever.

I am happy to announce that these skirts come as low as size 1 in HPIM9576little girls which equates to about 18 months and fits my 12 month old wonderfully. It is easy for her to crawl and move around in too. It is a true challenge to find long skirts for toddlers and I am thankful to have this one. My four year old loves her skirt. She can wear it with so much and she is so comfortable in it that she even chooses it if she is going out to play. The elastic in the back of the skirt makes it a great fit and the girls both have room to grow.     

Modest Apparel USA has so many long skirt choices that I love. I urge you to click over and check out what they have that you will love! They regularly have great sales too so keep checking in! You can find them at:

maulogo Twittersmall facebook_logosmall

Modest Apparel USA has donated a $25 gift card to be given away to one reader! To enter you must be a follower of In The Mommy Business by Google Friend Connect or email subscription. Simply leave a comment  with your email address and include which is your favorite item from Modest Apparel USA..

Giveaway ends Aug. 23rd.


Purely Modest Guest Review and Apron Giveaway

Hi, I’m Amy from Life as it has been given me I am guest reviewing here at In the Mommy Business today and for the rest of my Modest Apparel Giveaway Series this week.

Second in this weeks Modest Apparel Giveaway Series is: Purely Modest

HPIM9269 (2)Purely Modest is a great little Esty shop that makes ladies, girls and baby apparel including dresses, head coverings, jumpers, skirts, prairie dresses, aprons, nightgowns, historic and reenactment clothing and even maternity.

They offer a great feature that allows you to send in your own fabric if you like which I think that is very creative. Sometimes I find just the right fabric but I am no seamstress so that perfect fabric just sits around while I dream of what it could become. HPIM9515

Their ladies dresses and skirts and wonderfully modest and certainly something I would wear. The little girls and babies dresses are just adorable and not like anything you would find at your common retail store.

Pictured is the dress that was custom made by Kristina from Purely Modest for my Rylin. It fits her like a glove because Kristina takes measurements to be certain. The dress was sewn beautifully. It zips up the back smoothly. It is lightweight and pmairy and she loves to wear it. It has an adorable ribbon attached complete with indestructible bow. Rylin pulls on the bow and is constantly putting it in her mouth because she loves the smooth cool feel of the fabric and the bow is still intact and beautiful.  I just adore the little sleeves on this dress and the length is perfect. Rylin has room to grow and she will be able to wear this dress for a long time. I also anticipate passing it down, because of the quality I am certain it will last. I can’t think of a thing wrong with this dress or one thing I would change about it.         



When she wears this dress to church she receives several compliments about it and some of the moms even asked me where I found it. My daughter has blue eyes so this fabric works very well for her, keep in mind that if you have a fabric you would like to see this dress in you can send it right over to Purely Modest and they can sew it for you!

Along with the dress came this nice little triangle bandana and also a Scrunchi type hair accessory that matched the dress. She just loves the bandana, can you tell :)

After working with Kristina for this review I found her to be a very caring and kind person. Her customer service went above and beyond.

They have beautiful patterns, impeccable service and great quality. I urge you to go over and check out Purely Modest’s website or their Esty shop. You can order this dress for your little girl or find something for yourself or even a gift, my baby just turned one and I think their dresses would make a lovely birthday gift.

Purely Modest has generously offered to giveaway one Mary Apron with your fabric of choice to enter simply be a follower of In the Mommy Business by Google Friend Connect or by email subscription, leave a comment on this post at In the Mommy Business  letting us know what fabric you would choose if you won. Click HERE to choose your fabric.

Giveaway closes Aug. 23rd.



Sowers of Hope Guest Review

Hi, I’m Amy from Life as it has been given me I am guest reviewing here at In the Mommy Business today and for the rest of my Modest Apparel Giveaway Series this week.

First up in our week of Modest Apparel and Head Covering review week is:

Sowers_of_Hope_Boutique_Header Sowers of Hope is a Esty shop that makes head coverings. They have kapps, bonnets, kerchiefs, bandanas, veils, headbands, mob caps, prarie night caps, and tichels.

“Sowers of Hope is run by a small entrepreneurial family of five dwelling in the deep southeast corner of the country. As a homeschool family, they enjoy creating, learning and giving. Their lives are dedicated to serving a Mighty King and all they do is to glorify His name. Whether created by their careful hands or by another’s, they are trying to provide you with supreme products.”  (Taken from their BLOG)

soh3 I use this Colonial Cap to sleep in after I put my hair in foam rollers. It is quite comfortable and stays put very well. It holds my rollers in perfectly all night long. It makes me feel a bit Little House soh bonneton the Prairie, which is cool with me. I am an old fashioned kind of gal. The  blue bonnet pictured is the one I reviewed. It fits very well and is nicely sewn. My children also love to try it on and wear it around the house. It seems to fit me as well as it fits my 2, 4 and 5 year old children. I adore this detail on the inside bottom hem, soh loveSowers of Hope can be found on their new blog HERE. Become a follower to keep updated! They also post some very informative tidbits about covering. You can see their available fabrics HERE. Pictured are of a few of their other items. Wouldn’t you love to try one of those tichels! I sure would.

  soh2sohsoh headbandsowbsoh tichel 
Watch for tomorrows review and giveaway!