Sowers of Hope Giveaway Winner & a Question

The winner of the Sowers of Hope Giveaway is,
In His Grip -:¦:- Loni said...7

I love the green headband :D

Thank you for the chance to win :D

Congratulations Loni!  
You did not leave an email address so you have 48 hours to email us at inthemommybusiness@hotmail.com or we will have to choose another winner.

Has anyone had problems with the blog messing up?  Do things not appear where they're supposed to?  Are the comments in strange places sometimes?
If so let us know.  Also, if you know how to fix that or why it happens to some people and not others would be something we'd like to know too.

Thanks ladies!  Remember to check out our other giveaways we have open.  We have some great ones coming your way!

Quick Recall Update

We did a review on Rockin' Green Detergent not to long ago.  We just wanted to let you know that they have a voluntary recall right now for their Hard Rock detergent.  Visit THIS LINK to read more.


GladRags Nursing Pad Giveaway Winner

The winner of the GladRags Nursing Pad Giveaway is #1

Amanda Sikes said...1

I would like to try the new momma kit. It has lots of items in it that I find interesting. I have been curious about natural menstral supplies for awhile now.

Congratulations Amanda, we will be contacting you for your information shortly.

Manikgrl Purse Pouch Review and Giveaway

When you're a mommy of very young children you can't really carry around a purse anymore.  They just don't fit all of the stuff you need to carry with you.  So often we're forced to share the diaper bag with our kids.  But then when you need to go somewhere on you own what do you do?  You don't want to take the whole diaper bag with you.  But then you don't really want to switch everything over from the diaper bag to a purse only to have to switch it back later.
Manikgrl makes Purse Pouches.  They are perfect for all of the important things that you need to take with you everywhere.  In mine I have a check book, various cards(insurance card, license, gift cards), money, my phone, always pads, and keys.  I've put more in it.  I think at one point this weekend it held all of that stuff plus a diaper, socks, and extra receipts and such I hadn't cleaned out yet.  So it holds ALOT.  And under all of that pressure from so much stuff there is no show of wear on the seams or zipper.  It is put together so that it's not going to fall apart.  It's also made out of cotton material so if it happens to get dirty you can wash it and not worry about it falling apart.  Madelynn loves the Hello Kitty design on it.  She really likes to carry it around as well.  Before we leave now if I'm not taking the diaper bag with us(I usually don't on shorter trips) she will pick it up, go to the door, and say, "purse, byebye".  It's cute.  When she gets older and I no longer need the convenience of being able to switch bags quickly I will give it to her to use as a purse.
Mine is exactly like this except for the main color is cream.  On the inside it's white fabric with ladybugs all over.

Manikgrl doesn't only make the purse pouches.  She makes purses, passport covers, iPad covers, wallets, and fabric so that you can make your own stuff.
Manikgrl has given one of you the chance to win a Purse Pouch of your very own.  It will be just like mine.  Which is just like the one pictured but instead of red as the main color the main color is cream.
To Enter: 
Visit Manikgrl on Etsy and tell us what your favorite item is. For your entry to be valid you must follow ITMB through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.
This giveaway will end July 28th.


Sowers of Hope Review and Giveaway.

The owners of Sowers of Hope are "a small entrepreneurial family of a five dwelling the deep southeast corner of the country. As a homeschool family, we enjoy creating, learning and giving. Our lives are dedicated to serving a Mighty King and all we do is to glorify His name. Together we have attempted to bring you quality products."

How great of a statement is that?  Not only are they a large family that run a business together but they do it all in service to the Lord and to glorify Him.

I have been talking to Claudia from Sowers of Hope since ITMB first started.  She was one of the first companies that we received a product from to review.  At first it took me awhile to write the review because I had to take a picture of myself with the bandanna on(which I still never managed to do).  Then I didn't write the review because the Sowers of Hope family moved all 5 of themselves across country.  What a task that had to have been.  But I am happily sitting here writing this to you now that everything has been settled and they are starting to restock their shop and get going again.

Claudia from Sowers of Hope sent me a Red and Black bandanna to review.  Since they're restocking their shop there aren't any bandannas for sale right now.  I really love it.  I'm new to the whole headcoverings thing so I don't wear it often.  But when I do I love it.  I also barely notice it's there.  The fabric it is made out of it very high quality weave.  It's thick and sturdy.  It doesn't slide in your hair.  The sewing is beautifully done.  Everything is even and not of center like some handmade things can be.  You can just tell there is love and care put into their products.  I really do recommend Sowers of Hope for headcoverings.  Claudia is such a sweet lady to work with and you can just tell she has a heart for the Lord.  Along with that their products are beautiful, and their company is family oriented.

Claudia contacted me today and told me she would like to give one of you a chance to win an extra wide headband of your choice.  

To Enter:  Visit Sowers of Hope and leave a comment telling us which product is your favorite.
For an Extra Entry: You can head over to Sowers of Hope's blog and become a follower, then leave us a comment letting us know.
For ALOT of Extra Entries: You can get 10 extra entries if you buy something from Sowers of Hope.  Send Claudia a note telling her we sent you to buy something.

This giveaway will end on July 26th.  Remember you can receive Extra Entries to any giveaway of your choice.

DigitalSoaps Giveaway Winner.

The winner of the DigitalSoaps giveaway is commenter #2.

Robyn said...3

oh my...hubby would love this! lol I can just see him taking it with him to training! I'm following on twitter :) @angelwcamowings

Congratulations.  I will be emailing you shortly for your information.

Giveaway Scout

We're gonna start participating with Giveaway Scout.
If you have giveaways on your blog you might want to check it out.

"Giveaway Scout is a giveaway search engine. Our users subscribe to receive updates on the latest giveaways on the web. Add your blog and your giveaways will be exposed to our large network or users."

It seems pretty cool.  I'm excited to see how it works for us.  You know, the more readers we have the more giveaways and bigger giveaways we will be able to provide for our readers.

I just wanted to let you know, it's also required by Giveaway Scout that I let you know.


DigitalSoaps Review and Giveaway

UPDATE: The way to enter has been updated due to the fact that not everyone has a facebook or twitter account and we don't want to leave anyone out.  So for the 9 people that already entered you do not have to follow the new required guideline.  If you'd like to it will be an extra entry.

So when you think of digital or video games soap probably doesn't come to mind.  The first thing that might come to mind are stinky boys playing games in someones basement.

Well DigitalSoaps has found a way to get those stinky boys out from in front of that tv and into the shower.
Each soap has great detail.  I've not seen anything like it before.  I was so excited when I found DigitalSoaps on Etsy.  They are so cool!  It's so hard to use them because they look so cool.  Casey still hasn't used his soap.  He has only gotten as far as opening it.  They have all sorts of game controller shapes.  We received the SNES controller soap.  When you first look at it you can't tell it's soap.  My friend actually picked it up and asked where the controller cord was.  It took her a minute to find out it was soap.  The SNES controllers come in Green Apple Candy scent and Mountain Dew-type scent.  The green apple candy smells like you would imagine green apple candy would smell.  The Mountain Dew-type scent smells like flat Mountain Dew.  I didn't expect it to smell like Mountain Dew at all but it does!

Guess what!  DigitalSoaps is going to give one of you a bar of your very own SNES controller soap.  It is the Mountain Dew-type Scent.  You can keep it for yourself or you can give it to your husband.  If he's anything like mine he'll be super excited to have it.

To Enter: Visit DigitalSoaps and tell us what soap you like the best.  There has been some people not enter because it was required to follow social media networks.  So if you'd like an extra enter either follow DigitalSoaps on facebook or follow them on twitter.  Just leave us a comment on this post telling us which one you decide to do.  If you're following them on twitter let us know your twitter name.  And as always for your entries to be valid you MUST follow ITMB through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.  Both are on the left sidebar.

Be sure to tell all the men you know about this giveaway too.  I'm sure lots of them would love to enter this giveaway.  It will end on July 19th.



Stephanie Cotta Photography Giveaway Winner.

In The Mommy Business said...38

Amanda Sikes-Extra Entry for referring another friend #3

Congratulations Amanda, I will be emailing you with information shortly.

Did you see how Amanda won?  She won from EXTRA ENTRIES.  If you refer friends you can get them too.  Make sure you check out our other open giveaways.  There's some fun ones.  There are also more coming up. 

I also want to ask a quick question.  Is there anyone that doesn't enter a giveaway because the entry requires you to have a facebook or twitter account?  If you didn't have one of those accounts would you take the 5 minutes that it takes to make one so you could enter to win lots of free stuff?  I'm just wondering why entries are down so much lately.  Alot of our entries have required people to follow the companies on facebook or twitter.



Stephanie Cotta Photography Review and Giveaway

Update!  Just wanted to let you know this giveaway ends in 2 days!  Also, Stephanie has told me that she is holding Summer mini sessions.
It is such a great deal!  There are only a few spots left so hurry up and enter.

Stephanie Cotta Photography is based in St. Louis Missouri.  Stephanie has an adroable little family.  She also has a wonderful look on her job as a photographer.  Her motto is, "because life is meant to be captured".  And that is so true.  We want to capture the beautiful moments in our lives so that we have something to look back at to remember.  You know how when you listen to a certain song it reminds you of a moment or time in your life?  Well not even a song can remind you of a moment or time like a photograph can.
Stephanie's goal is to represent who you really are and the moments that portrait your life the best.  Her photographs look so natural and are so beautiful.  The beauty comes from the fact that they're not all posed.  She lets people be themselves.  She doesn't try to show some fake side that's not there.  Even the posed pictures look natural.  Nothing like you see from the studios where they're posed and ridged and look like statues.  These poses look like real people.
This is one of my favorite photos.  It shows you just how beautiful a crying 1 year old can be.  This is Stephanie's son.  He's an adorable little boy.  But just like every other kid he has his moments.  And if you're a mother you completely understand.  Sometimes catching a photo of those tantrums can be as adorable as the biggest smile.

Stephanie is oh so generously giving one of our wonderful readers a maternity, newborn, child, or family session with 2 printed 5x7s.  To be able to redeem this session you but live in the St. Louis area or be willing to drive to St. Louis to redeem this.  She also mentioned that if you don't live in the St. Louis area you can still enter the giveaway and gift it to someone you know in the St. Louis area.

Now this is a bigger giveaway so we're going to have more than one way to enter.  But as always for any of your entries to be valid you MUST follow In the Mommy Business through Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription.
To Enter:
-Visit Stephanie Cotta Photography and let us know which picture you liked the best.(1 entry)
-Follow the Stephanie Cotta Photography Blog (1 entry)
-Follow Stephanie's Personal Blog(1 entry)

Just leave comments for each entry.  This giveaway will end on July 17th at 9pm.



GladRags Nursing Pad Review and Giveaway

Warning: words that may make men feel uncomfortable are used in this post.

About GladRags(from their site):
Our Story
GladRags was founded in 1992 in Portland, Oregon by Brenda Mallory, who was inspired by the simple utility, earth-friendliness and comfort of her young daughter’s cotton diapers. It began as a home based business that quickly outgrew the extra bedroom and moved to its own building. Today, GladRags is still a small company, but with a big presence, promoting positive attitudes toward menstruation and making the environment a safer, cleaner place. GladRags can be found in health food stores and natural pharmacies nationwide.

Our Mission
"Reusable pads. That's gross!" That's a comment we've heard more than once. But just envision your lifetime supply of used pads and tampons in landfills or washed up on a beach. Now that is gross!  The menstrual cycle is a healthy and natural process and it is our mission to create healthy products and market with a positive spin. Language is a powerful force. By talking about our cycles more openly - with positive images and language - we believe women can re-define menstruation.

So, GladRags specializes in Mama Cloth but they also carry nursing pads, nursing accessories, and lots of other things.  I received a set of organic nursing pads to review.  I am not currently nursing.  So unfortunately I can't really tell you about absorbency.  I can tell you that they are thick but not thick enough to see through your shirt.  My favorite part about them is that they have a slit in them so they can conform to any Mama's breast so you don't have to worry if they'll cover your or worry about if they'll be to big on you.  Another awesome thing about them is that they're organic.  If you've ever nursed your baby and used those disposable nursing pads you may know what I'm talking about. When Madelynn started sleeping through the night, which happened at 6 weeks, I would leak SO BAD at night that I'd have to change a disposable pad several times.  When I would go to nurse her in the morning I'd notice little water filled gel beads on my breast.  The first time it happened I freaked.  I made Madelynn stop nursing and checked her mouth then I was paranoid all day.  I was afraid that was getting into my baby's body.  It was scary.  But with organic cloth nursing pads you don't have to worry about any scary foreign materials getting into your baby's body.

GladRags is giving one of you the chance to try out their organic nursing pads.  They are giving away to 1 reader 3 pairs of nursing pads and 1 container of Earth Mama, Angel Baby, Natural Nipple Butter.

To enter, visit GladRags and tell us which item you'd like to try or think is interesting from their site.  And, as always, make sure you follow ITMB through either Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription for your entry to be valid.  We do check for that.  I know there have been a few times we've had to pick a second winner cause the first didn't follow the rules.  And that makes us sad.

This giveaway will end July 20th.

p.s. Now, this could just be funny to be but if you'd like a laugh go check out their organic nursing pads and then click to see the image larger.  I'm not gonna tell you what it is.  But it definitely made me giggle.


K&E Darlin Designs WINNER.

The winner of the K&E Darlin Designs Giveaway is #2

LAURA1877 said...2

GFC follower, and I absolultey adore the Rockstar TUTU.

ellabelle31 at hotmail dot com

Congratulations.  I hope the little girl this tutu goes to enjoys it as much as my daughter enjoys hers.
Everyone else, please check out the other giveaways we have open.  There's a photography session and Charlie's Soap giveaway open right now with much more to come next week.