GladRags Nursing Pad Review and Giveaway

Warning: words that may make men feel uncomfortable are used in this post.

About GladRags(from their site):
Our Story
GladRags was founded in 1992 in Portland, Oregon by Brenda Mallory, who was inspired by the simple utility, earth-friendliness and comfort of her young daughter’s cotton diapers. It began as a home based business that quickly outgrew the extra bedroom and moved to its own building. Today, GladRags is still a small company, but with a big presence, promoting positive attitudes toward menstruation and making the environment a safer, cleaner place. GladRags can be found in health food stores and natural pharmacies nationwide.

Our Mission
"Reusable pads. That's gross!" That's a comment we've heard more than once. But just envision your lifetime supply of used pads and tampons in landfills or washed up on a beach. Now that is gross!  The menstrual cycle is a healthy and natural process and it is our mission to create healthy products and market with a positive spin. Language is a powerful force. By talking about our cycles more openly - with positive images and language - we believe women can re-define menstruation.

So, GladRags specializes in Mama Cloth but they also carry nursing pads, nursing accessories, and lots of other things.  I received a set of organic nursing pads to review.  I am not currently nursing.  So unfortunately I can't really tell you about absorbency.  I can tell you that they are thick but not thick enough to see through your shirt.  My favorite part about them is that they have a slit in them so they can conform to any Mama's breast so you don't have to worry if they'll cover your or worry about if they'll be to big on you.  Another awesome thing about them is that they're organic.  If you've ever nursed your baby and used those disposable nursing pads you may know what I'm talking about. When Madelynn started sleeping through the night, which happened at 6 weeks, I would leak SO BAD at night that I'd have to change a disposable pad several times.  When I would go to nurse her in the morning I'd notice little water filled gel beads on my breast.  The first time it happened I freaked.  I made Madelynn stop nursing and checked her mouth then I was paranoid all day.  I was afraid that was getting into my baby's body.  It was scary.  But with organic cloth nursing pads you don't have to worry about any scary foreign materials getting into your baby's body.

GladRags is giving one of you the chance to try out their organic nursing pads.  They are giving away to 1 reader 3 pairs of nursing pads and 1 container of Earth Mama, Angel Baby, Natural Nipple Butter.

To enter, visit GladRags and tell us which item you'd like to try or think is interesting from their site.  And, as always, make sure you follow ITMB through either Google Friend Connect or Email Subscription for your entry to be valid.  We do check for that.  I know there have been a few times we've had to pick a second winner cause the first didn't follow the rules.  And that makes us sad.

This giveaway will end July 20th.

p.s. Now, this could just be funny to be but if you'd like a laugh go check out their organic nursing pads and then click to see the image larger.  I'm not gonna tell you what it is.  But it definitely made me giggle.


  1. I would like to try the new momma kit. It has lots of items in it that I find interesting. I have been curious about natural menstral supplies for awhile now.

  2. (I follow w/GFC) I'd love to try out the organic cotton hankies. Not brave enough for the menstrual pads yet :P

  3. The sea sponge tampons sound interesting.

  4. I am 3 months along with our 3rd baby, and I already use the Diva Cup for my regular cycles. When I had our 2nd baby 20 months ago I really disliked using the disposable pads and I couldn't use my Diva Cup so I rolled up some rags and used those instead, BUT the Mommy Kit Deluxe looks right up my ally. What a wonderful postpartum idea. It is definitely a product I would be interested in using!