Follow-Up Friday

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, if we have any of them following,  it is Friday night and I am currently baby sitting my nieces and nephews.  Little Miss M is here too.  They're all asleep.  So I'm gonna give you a run down of this week.

Nicole will be with us off and on for a week or so.  Mostly off because she is having some personal problems that need dealin with more than blogging.  So you will mostly be hearing from me with a few pre-written posts by Nicole thrown in here and there.

Miss M had to go to the emergency room this week.  Well, it wasn't a HAD to.  It was a Mommy is terrified of the bleeding cut on your head had to.  But she is alright.  She ran up behind me on Tuesday while I was vacuuming and bounced off of the vacuum into the wall.  Her head was bleeding and I was scared.  My husband looked at it and said he didn't think she needed to go but I took her anyway just to be safe.  Turns out he was right.  She didn't NEED to go but it was nice knowing from a Dr. that she was ok and what to look for if she wasn't.

Now for the good stuff, our winners, giveaways, and your giveaway link-ups.

Our Winner
The winner of the Paper Blessings giveaway was Deb from It's Always Something and the owner of Springvale Soaps.  Which you should all know by now we really enjoy over here at In the Mommy Business.

Our Review
I love MommyLoves
done by Nicole

Our Giveaway

that saddly enough only 1 person has entered.
You all should really get on it with those messy baby/kid pictures.  The deadline is 9am Monday.  I'm not joking.  I only have ONE picture.

Now if you could all kindly link-up your giveaways.  We would love to help our fellow bloggers out.  And come back next week for more giveaways.  I have some more to post that I didn't get to this week cause things were just to hecktic.  So keep an eye out for them!


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